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This gallery includes userbox templates about awareness ribbons. You may place any of these userboxes on your user page. Some of these templates have multiple options, so visit the template for further information.

Awareness ribbons[edit]

Wikitext userbox where used
This user has breast cancer.
linked pages
{{User:UBX/breastcancer survivor}}
This user is a breast cancer survivor.
linked pages
{{User breast cancer}}
This user supports the fight against breast cancer.
linked pages
{{User LLS}}
Orange ribbonThis user supports the
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
linked pages
This user has survived Leukemia.
linked pages
{{User:UBX/lymphoma survivor}}
This user is a lymphoma survivor -
Hodgkin's / Non-Hodgkin's.
linked pages
{{User IMF}}
Burgundy ribbonThis user supports the
International Myeloma Foundation.
linked pages
{{User MMRF}} linked pages
This user respects women and rejects any violence against women.
linked pages
{{User mental illness}}
This user supports the fight against mental illness.
linked pages
This user supports Autism and Asperger's awareness.
linked pages
{{User:UBX/Autism Accept Not Aware}}
This user supports autism acceptance, not awareness.
linked pages
{{User:UBX/Autism Acceptance}}
This user supports autism acceptance.
linked pages
{{User:UBX/Autism Ally}}
This user is an autism ally.
linked pages
{{User Neurodiverse}}
This user is proudly
linked pages
This user believes in neurodiversity.
linked pages
{{User Neurodiversity support}}
This user values
linked pages
This user is against child abuse in all forms.
linked pages
{{User:IreneAdler221B/Userboxes/Support Our Troops}}
Canadian TroopsThis user wears this ribbon to support our troops.
linked pages
This user stands in solidarity with those affected by HIV/AIDS.
linked pages
Userboxes supports research for a cure to Colitis.
linked pages
CrohnsThis user supports research for a cure to Crohn's.
linked pages

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