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This page includes links to galleries of userbox templates about natural and constructed languages.


Babel ISO 639 languages[edit]

See Wikipedia:Babel/List
for a list of Babel ISO 639 language userbox templates.

Chinese language[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/Chinese for Chinese language userbox templates.
See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/Chinese/Varieties for Chinese varieties userbox templates.

English language[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/English for English language userbox templates.
See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/English/Dialects for English dialects userbox templates.
See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/English/Grammar for English grammar userbox templates.
See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/English/Varieties for English varieties userbox templates.

Italian language[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/Italian for Italian language and dialects userbox templates.

Latin language[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/Latin for Latin language userbox templates.

Non-ISO 639 languages[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/Non-ISO for Non-ISO 639 languages userbox templates.
See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/Non-ISO/Dialects for Non-ISO 639 dialects userbox templates.

Language families[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/Family for Language families userbox templates.
See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/Celtic for Celtic languages userbox templates.
See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/Constructed for Constructed languages userbox templates.
See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/Romance for Romance languages userbox templates.

Written languages[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/Written for Written languages userbox templates.

Computer programming languages[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/Programming for Programming languages userbox templates.

Document markup languages[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Language/Markup for Markup languages userbox templates.

Wikipedia language translation[edit]

See Wikipedia:Translation#Userboxes for Wikipedia language translation userbox templates.

See also[edit]

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for a guide to userbox templates.

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for a guide to userbox galleries.

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