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This gallery includes userbox templates about theatre. You may place any of these userboxes on your user page. Some of these templates have multiple options, so visit the template for further information.


Wikitext userbox where used
{{User theatre/goer}}
 This user is a live theatre goer.
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This user enjoys reading plays.

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This user enjoys attending the theatre on a regular basis.
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This user loves the theatreclassical, fringe, experimental.
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This user can't stand the theatre.
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bovThis user supports Bristol Old Vic
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This user is interested in drama and acting.
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Wikitext userbox where used
{{User theatre/techie}}
 This user is a techie in live theatre.
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{{User:UBX/theatre organist}}
This user plays the theatre organ.
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This user has been a
Theatre stagehand.
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Wikitext userbox where used
{{User:UBX/User playread|#}}
This user has read # of William Shakespeare's plays.
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This user is a bardolater.
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{{User:Royalguard11/userboxes/world stage}}
This user believes that "all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players".
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This user is haunted by the times they forgot to use an edit summary.
Out, damned spot! What, will these hands ne'er be clean?
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{{User:Dainomite/userboxes/shakespeare1}} linked pages
{{User:W.carter/Userbox Shakespeare}}
This user enjoys the works of
William Shakespeare
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CRUThis user thinks that we are surely gone wild this year.
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{{User no godot}}
This user is fed up waiting for Godot, and so has decided to go. Really.
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This user is Waiting for Godot, who will surely be arriving on May 25.
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{{User:The Dark Side/Original userboxes/Moliere}}
This user recognizes Molière as a master of comedy.
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Musical theatre[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Arts/Musical theatre for Musical theatre userbox templates.

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