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This gallery includes userbox templates about Europe. You may place any of these userboxes on your user page. Some of these templates have multiple options, so visit the template for further information.


Wikitext userbox where used
{{User proud|Europe}}
This user is proud to be a
European !
linked pages
{{User proud|Eastern Europe}}
This user is proud to be an
Eastern European !
linked pages
{{User proud|Western Europe}}
This user is proud to be a
Western European !
linked pages
{{User in Europe}}
This user lives in Europe.
linked pages
{{User interest Europe}}
This user is interested in Europe.
linked pages
{{User from Europe}}
This user is a native of Europe.
linked pages
{{User visited Europe}}
This user has visited Europe.
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{{User WP Europe}} linked pages


Wikitext userbox where used
{{User proud|Eurasia}}
This user is proud to be a
Eurasian !
linked pages
{{User in Eurasia}}
This user lives in Eurasia.
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{{User interest Eurasia}}
This user is interested in Eurasia.
linked pages
{{User from Eurasia}}
This user is a native of Eurasia.
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{{User visited Eurasia}}
This user has visited Eurasia.
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Wikitext userbox where used
{{User proud|Afro-Eurasia}}
This user is proud to be an
Afro-Eurasian !
linked pages
{{User in Afro-Eurasia}}
This user lives in Afro-Eurasia.
linked pages
{{User interest Afro-Eurasia}}
This user is interested in Afro-Eurasia.
linked pages
{{User from Afro-Eurasia}}
This user is a native of Afro-Eurasia.
linked pages
{{User visited Afro-Eurasia}}
This user has visited Afro-Eurasia.
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European Union[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/European Union for European Union userbox templates.

Nations of Europe[edit]

Wikitext userbox where used
See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Albania for Albania userbox templates.

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Andorra for Andorra userbox templates.

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Armenia for Armenia userbox templates.
{{User Artsakh}}
This user comes from Artsakh.
linked pages
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See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Slovakia for Slovakia userbox templates.

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Slovenia for Slovenia userbox templates.
{{User South Ossetia}}
This user comes from South Ossetia.
linked pages
See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Spain for Spain userbox templates.

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Sweden for Sweden userbox templates.

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Switzerland for Switzerland userbox templates.

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See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Ukraine for Ukraine userbox templates.

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/United Kingdom for United Kingdom userbox templates.

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Vatican City for Vatican City userbox templates.
Wikitext userbox where used
See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/USSR for USSR userbox templates.

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Yugoslavia for Yugoslavia userbox templates.
Wikitext userbox where used
{{User Ajaria}}
This user comes from Adjara.
linked pages
{{User Abkhazia}}
This user comes from Abkhazia.
linked pages
See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Gibraltar for Gibraltar userbox templates.

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Guernsey for Guernsey userbox templates.

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Isle of Man for Isle of Man userbox templates.

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Jersey for Jersey userbox templates.

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Kosovo for Kosovo userbox templates.

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/GB-NIR for Northern Ireland userbox templates.

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/GB-SCT for Scotland userbox templates.
{{User AP Vojvodina}}
This user comes from AP Vojvodina
linked pages
See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/GB-CYM for Wales userbox templates.

Cities of Europe[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Europe/Cities for Cities of Europe userbox templates.

Transnational regions[edit]

Wikitext userbox where used
{{User Balkans}}
This user comes from the Balkans.
linked pages
This user is from the Balkans.
linked pages
{{User:Mr Reading Turtle/Userboxes/Balkans}}
This user has Balkan ancestry.
linked pages
This user lives in the Baltic States.
linked pages
{{User:Patricknoddy/Userboxes/User lives in the Baltic states}}
This user lives in the Baltic states.

linked pages
{{User British-Isles}}
My family is from the British Isles.
linked pages
{{User Catalan Countries}}
This user comes from the Catalan Countries.
linked pages
This user is of Irish ancestry.

linked pages
{{User Norden}}
This user is a native of Norden.
linked pages
{{User Occitania}}
This user comes from Occitania.
linked pages
This user is from Sápmi.
linked pages
{{User Silesia}}
This user lives in
linked pages
{{User Transylvania}}
This user is Transylvanian.
Acest utilizator e Ardelean.
Ez a felhasználó Erdélyi.
linked pages

Regional beliefs[edit]

Wikitext userbox where used
This user is not British, but shares a common heritage and respects a parity of esteem between the many people of "these islands".
linked pages

WikiProjects of Europe[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Europe/WikiProjects for WikiProjects of Europe userbox templates.

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