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This gallery includes userbox templates about occupations. You may place any of these userboxes on your user page. Some of these templates have multiple options, so visit the template for further information.


See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Agriculture for Agriculture occupations userbox templates.

Arts and entertainment[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Arts for Arts and entertainment occupations userbox templates.


See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Business for Business occupations userbox templates.


See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Clergy for Clergy occupations userbox templates.

Construction, design, and manufacturing[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Construction for Construction occupations userbox templates.


See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Education for Education occupations userbox templates.


See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Engineering for Engineering occupations userbox templates.


See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Government for Government occupations userbox templates.


See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Healthcare for Healthcare occupations userbox templates.

Hospitality and tourism[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Hospitality for Hospitality occupations userbox templates.

Information and computer technology[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Information for Information and computer occupations userbox templates.


See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Media for Media occupations userbox templates.

Public safety[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Public safety for Public safety occupations userbox templates.


See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Science for Science occupations userbox templates.

Transportation and logistics[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Transportation for Transportation and logistics occupations userbox templates.

Miscellaneous occupations[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Miscellaneous for Miscellaneous occupations userbox templates.

Unemployment, underemployment, and retirement[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Unemployment for Unemployment userbox templates.

Custom templates[edit]

Wikitext userbox where used
{{User profession|scientist}}
This user is a scientist.
linked pages
{{User job not|bus driver}}
This user would tell you they're a bus driver but they're not.
linked pages
{{User (a)vocation}}
?Userboxes does nothing.
linked pages

Occupational aspirations[edit]

See Wikipedia:Userboxes/Occupations/Aspirations for Occupational aspirations userbox templates.

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