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    If you're reading this anywhere other than, it's likely that you're reading an old copy. And who'd want to copy it? Amazingly, some pill-pusher recently was, and may still be leeching a copy for its own inscrutable but no doubt profit-driven purposes. (You're thinking of entrusting your credit card details to a spamvertiser? It's Brains you want!)

    The true Hoary revealed!

    Hoary is:

    the personification of everything that is wrong with wiki and the internet in general, one person who has a bee in his bonnet about something and won't listen to consenus and people with more experience and knowledge (as divulged by Brettr on 2 April 2007)

    Hoary also instigated a shameful thread — according to Scott MacDonald, the worst example of myopia, and process related, drama-mongering I've seen (as of 15 December 2009).

    Hoary, prude or prick?

    im sory hoary, but it seems as though you are not a casual reader, you use the word bane, and imply, evasion, and much more, you sound like a prude. It's pre-grads like you that want to sound fancy and therefore destroy the quality of wikipedia because nobody can actually connect to what is on the site. Wikipedia is useless thanks to pricks like you. Thanks. (wrote some IP on 10 March 2010)

    Just in it for the money?

    There is now evidence that has been gathered of payments made to you for your Wikipedia editing services. This evidence will shortly be released in a public forum. (wrote Lorifredrics on 25 June 2011)

    (Can you find this release in any public forum? Even after one month I could not, and I therefore asked Lorifredrics. Her fast response.)

    Brain-damaged? An IP writes:

    Ernie Smith writes
    In the neuroscience area of medicine there is a brain injury or disease called subdural hematoma. According to Weiner and Goetz, one of the clinical manifestations of this brain injury or disease is "a depressed level of consciousness" (1994:45). Weiner and Goetz indicate that the "depressed level of consciousness can occur before focal findings, and may have trivial or no trauma history." There are two types of subdural hematomas, the acute subdural hematoma and the chronic subdural hematoma, and they are classified according to the interval of time that occurs between the instance of a head injury and the development of clinical manifestations. Of these two subdural hematomas, the chronic subdural hematoma: "is more common in patients with cerebral atrophy (i.e. the elderly and alcoholism)" (Weiner and Goetz 1994:223). Also, however, studies of the prolonged use of cocaine have produced irrefutable evidence of the tremendous brain damage (cerebral atrophy) that can occur from such use. This suggests that ‘alcoholism’ is not the only form of 'substance abuse’ that can be associated with cerebral atrophy as the underlying mechanism of chronic subdural hematoma.
    I have initiated my response to User Hoary’s critique with a discussion of subdural hematoma because I suspect that therein lies the etiology of his or her patently deficient critical thinking skills.

    (The IP helpfully glosses: Weiner, W J. and Goetz, C G. (1994) Neurology for the Non-Neurologist Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott Co.)

    Lower than a primate? An IP writes:

    Ernie Smith writes
    When I submitted my previous contribution to Wikipedia Talk Ebonics I was under the impression that an anthropoid above the level of Homo fernus or pithecanthropus erectus was inviting an edit colloquy pertaining to the subject - Ebonics. It appears that what I am in fact confronted with here is something less that a primate. I believe more akin to the Canis familiaris Or Canis lupus. It is clear that what User Hoary lacks intellectual competence he/she certainly makes up in frothing growls, snarls, barks and yelps.

    A sex pervert? An IP writes:

    Ernie Smith writes to the Wikipdiad Web managers
    [. . .] This Hoary person appears get his or her orgasmic jollies making asinine slurs and commentary that does not address the subject of Ebonics nor the inconsistencies in his or her logic. I have verbally cleaned this person Hoary’s clock and yet this person Hoary keeps coming back for more. Clearly this person Hoary loves the sadomasochistic verbal exchanges that he or she has invited and is having with me.

    Another editor's lacky (sic), sponsor, or "bitch"?

    MarcusBritish suggests all three.

    Somebody who contributes nothing more than rudeness and obstructionism?

    Any good shrink would point to frustration. Dontletthemwin reveals that Hoary [doesn't] seem like the type to get much of either peace or fucking.

    A dimwitted amateur, out of his depth?

    [Hoary's] bias glows like Vegas neon to, who adds: I don't think you're too bright. You come across with enough education to embarrass yourself, but not enough to understand an operator like [Malcolm] Gladwell. You'd better leave that to the pros.

    Inviter of the innocent to covens?

    Canoe1967 gives one solicitation a robust response.
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    A paid stooge for the liberal agenda of (self-confessed "objectivist") Jimbo Wales?

    An editor who's "engaging in capitalism", an "obvious paid-to-edit [account]"? explains here that Jimbo Wales "hires a number of editors to reinforce his liberal viewpoints on Wikipedia and ascribe them to neutrality"; among these are Hoary, who has an "obvious POV pushing [agenda]".

    A perpetrator of frivolity and libel?

    "From what I've seen of hoary and his both frivolous as well as libelous edits the past several years, even exhibited in the discussions," says Tfortrouble (contributions), Hoary should be banned from editing the article about one "continued public persona".

    A VANDALIZING white illiterate administrator of free encyclopedia?

    So says a user of Hutchison Max Telecom Limited Vodafone Essar Ltd.

    Lacking competence in even the most humdrum tasks?

    RHaworth points out that "all these years contributing and you still do not know how to create wikilinks."

    A snowflake?

    Redthank offers a shoulder to cry on.

    A moderator exuding the smell of corruption?

    Yogesh1497 laughs out loud.

    An etoliated example of the Dunning–Kruger effect?

    A self-proclaimed genius (with an appropriate name), one of many "who may be insane, illiterate, have minor IQ's, or simply stupid", and who should turn off his computer and "go to the beach and get a tan weirdos". (Buddy011 laughs out loud out loud)

    What I've been up to here

    Perhaps some people would like to know what I've been up to here.

    One day, I might start to do something or other systematically. But as it is I enjoy working on whatever I please.


    Articles I've started include:


    Nudrat Afza Akiyama Yūtokutaishi, Tony Boxall, John Bulmer, Karel Cudlín, John Darwell, Dodo Shunji, Lucas Dolega, Nikos Economopoulos, Graham Finlayson, Jill Freedman, Ken Grant, Hara Mikiko, John Harding, Hayashi Tadahiko, Hayashi Takanobu, Ismo Hölttö, Rob Hornstra, Jūmonji Bishin, Kazama Kensuke, Kikai Hiroo, Kimura Ihei, Martin Kollár, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Kurata Seiji, Kuwabara Kineo, Kuwabara Shisei, Markéta Luskačová, Daniel Meadows, Nakazato Katsuhito, Okamura Takashi, Enzo Sellerio, Seto Masato, Shibata Noriyoshi, Graham Smith, Vytautas Stanionis, Kęstutis Stoškus, Suda Issei, Suzuki Shin'ichi II, Homer Sykes, Takanashi Yutaka, Tamura Akihide, Tamura Sakae, Tamura Sakae, Tamura Shigeru, Tōmatsu Shōmei, Toriyama Akira, Stephan Vanfleteren, Patrick Ward, Watanabe Hiroshi, Yamazaki Hiroshi, Zhang Xiao, Stanislovas Žvirgždas

    photo mags

    Asahi Camera, Camera, Camera Mainichi, Nippon Camera, Photo Contest

    photo awards

    Oskar Barnack Award, Domon Ken Award, European Publishers Award for Photography, Higashikawa Prize, Ina Nobuo Award, Kimura Ihei Award, PCS

    photographic associations

    APA, JPS (i), JPS (ii), JPS (iii), PSJ, Raika Dōmei, Tampei Photography Club, Vivo

    photo hardware

    Cosina, FED, MPP, OPL, Ross, TTH, Voigtländer

    Bundesarchiv Bild 183-89814-0004, Berlin, tschechische Fotoausstellung.jpg

    museums and galleries

    Asama Volcano Museum, Maison de la photographie Robert Doisneau, Domon Ken Photography Museum, Meguro Museum of Art, Okawa Museum of Art, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Setagaya Art Museum, Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art, Yonago City Museum of Art

    other photography

    Doi, Martin Harrison, New York school of photography, Nishii Kazuo, Sean O'Hagan, Steidl, Tokyo College of Photography, Anne Wilkes Tucker, Yamagishi Shōji

    artists, illustrators, etc

    Michael Andrews, Francis Barlow, David Gentleman, Anthony Green, Michael Heath, John Minton, John Nash, David Rees, Walter Trier, James Ward, Christopher Wood


    Roy Brown, Dandelion Records, Hatfield and the North, Sir Lancelot, Miyako Harumi, Bridget St John, Shep and the Limelites

    the rest

    Bunga bunga, Carrousel, Celestion, Dōjunkai, the Establishment, exhibition catalogue, Fukuda Sadayoshi, Georgie Starbuck Galbraith, Abel Gower, Ikegami Honmon-ji, Kurowassan, Ethel Jacobson, The Life Story of David Lloyd George, Lilliput, Nicholas Luard, MAU, Mita Munesuke, Nakano Midori, Jonathan Routh, George Smith, Tanemura Suehiro, Tōkyōjin, Ueda Makoto, Timothy Whites, UK Memory of the World Register, Yang Sok-il

    Many of them are extremely feeble by any standard. Some are mere stubs. Sometimes I start an article about something of which I know little, hoping that better-informed people will make intelligent additions to it. When I look for information about somebody and find that his or her name has been appropriated for an article on somebody unrelated, irritation often impels me to start an article on the person I wanted to read about. I don't think of these as "my" articles (and some are very different from and much better than the state they were in when I last touched them); some are of much less interest to me than are other articles to which I've contributed but which I didn't start. The list is here just for my amusement and perhaps for yours too. And in the same spirit:

    Conversions from substubs

    Akiyama Tadasuke, Arita Taiji, Chiba Teisuke, Domon Ken, Ei-Q, Fuku Mitsutarō, Fukuda Katsuji, Fukuhara Rosō, Fukuhara Shinzō, Gōzu Masao, Iwamiya Takeji, Kijima Takashi, Kodama Fusako, Komoto Akira, Kondō Tomio, Kubota Hiroji, Kumagai Motoichi, Matsumoto Norihiko, Matsushima Susumu, Miyazaki Yūhi, Morikawa Aizō, Moriwaki Eiichi, Nagano Shigeichi, Nakamura Masaya, Natori Yōnosuke, Nishiyama Kiyoshi, Ōishi Yoshino, Ono Chizu, Orihara Kei, Satō Akira, Satō Kōji, Shimizu Bukō, Shiomi Mieko, Suzuki Shin'ichi I, Takagi Kaietsu, Tanaka Kōtarō, Tokiwa Toyoko, Tomiyama Haruo, Ueda Shōji, Usui Kaoru, Yamane Toshio

    Did they know?

    John Harding, Fujiwara Atsushi, Shiotani Teikō, Stephan Vanfleteren


    Kikai Hiroh, Shiotani Teikō

    Select AfDs

    Peter Dench, Prix Pictet, Tomas van Houtryve, Cristina García Rodero, Atsushi Fujiwara

    Other work

    Morris Bishop, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Gianni Berengo Gardin bibliography, List of street photographers, Rosalind Fox Solomon, Chris Steele-Perkins


    Links I find useful