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This guideline is a supplement to the criteria for the In the news (ITN) section of the Main Page. It standardizes which recurring events are included in ITN.

Scheduled sporting events and other recurring items are different from other ITN candidates, because editors can foresee them and prepare for their potential inclusion. ITN editors have therefore produced this list of pre-approved events, which has been developed through discussion and consensus. The list assists editors in ensuring reasonably balanced coverage (for example of different sports) over time. It also avoids the need to debate an event's importance every time it occurs, providing consistency between years.

Items listed on this page are considered to have already satisfied the 'importance' criterion for inclusion on ITN, every time they occur. However, it is not an automatic guarantee that the item will be posted. The relevant article still needs to be appropriately updated, be of sufficient quality, and be nominated on the candidates page (ITN/C) before being posted. As with all ITN nominations, the posting (or not) of a recurring item can be weighed against whether it best serves the encyclopedia.

Any changes to this list, such as adding or removing an item, should be discussed at WT:ITN to gain consensus first. Items that are not on this list can still be nominated at ITN/C and discussed individually, where they will be assessed against the usual ITN criteria.


Nobel Prizes[edit]

Expected stories per year: 6 (over a period of 6 successive weekdays)

Human rights[edit]

Expected stories per year: 1


Expected stories per year: 1 or 2


Expected stories per year: 1



Expected stories per year: 1


Expected stories per year: 6


Expected stories per year: 3 in even years, 4 in odd years (not including Nobel Prize in Literature, listed above)


Expected stories per year: 2


Expected stories per year: 1


Expected stories per year: 2



Expected stories per year: about 0.5[note 4]

Elections and heads of state and government[edit]

  • Changes in the holder of the office which administers the executive of their respective state/government, in those countries which qualify under the criteria above, as listed at List of current heads of state and government except when that change was already posted as part of a general election.[15]
  • In Switzerland, elections of new members to the Federal Council, but not normally general elections of the Federal Council or elections to the Presidency, which are generally pro forma.[16]

Exhibitions and summits[edit]

For each of these events, the ITN blurb should link to the specific article for that year's meeting.

Economic and political summits[edit]

Summits are posted upon conclusion[17]

Celestial events[edit]

Expected stories per year: 0 or 1 eclipses[note 8]; Meteors and comets are impossible to predict, but historically, 0–2 per decade

Space exploration[edit]

  • A country conducting its first successful indigenous orbital launch
  • The launch of space stations or installation of new major components thereof
  • Arrival of spacecraft (to lunar orbit and beyond) at their destinations[19]


Entries which refer to events where men's and women's events are concurrent (unless otherwise specified) are generally posted as a combined blurb, as long as both articles are of sufficient quality. In terms of timing, events are generally posted as soon as a winner is determined. Generally, the specific event article for that year/time period is the target article in the blurb (for example, 2016 Tour de France rather than the broader Tour de France); winning individuals or teams may be targets, but their articles must meet the same ITN quality requirements as the event.

  • The Olympics, as the world's leading multi-day multi-sport event, is accepted as an appropriate "ongoing" entry.[20]
  • The Commonwealth Games was posted as an "ongoing" entry in 2014.[21]
  • The FIFA World Cup is accepted as an appropriate "ongoing" entry.[22]
  • Nominations for various multi-day single sport events for the "ongoing" section of ITN have failed, with a handful of exceptions.[23]
    • The exceptions to this have been the Men's Football World Cup, which was added to "ongoing" in 2014[24] and 2018,[25] the Women's Football World Cup in 2019,[26] and the Cricket World Cup in 2019.[27]


Expected stories per year: 0.5 (one every odd year)


Expected stories per year: 2.25 (two yearly, plus one every four years)


Expected stories per year: 4 in World Cup years, 3 otherwise


Expected stories per year: 1


Expected stories per year: 1–3

Cue sports[edit]

Expected stories per year: 1


Expected stories per year: 1


Expected stories per year: 1

Football (American)[edit]

Expected stories per year: 1

Football (association)[edit]

Expected stories per year: about 7, except for the year after the Olympics with 5

Football (Australian)[edit]

Expected stories per year: 1

Football (Canadian)[edit]

Expected stories per year: 1

Football (Gaelic)[edit]

Expected stories per year: 1


Expected stories per year: 4.5 (4 majors + 0.5 Ryder)


Expected stories per year: 0.5 (one every odd year)

Horse racing[edit]

Expected stories per year: 4+

Ice hockey[edit]

Expected stories per year: 1


Selected World Marathon Majors:

Expected stories per year: 3


Expected stories per year: 6


Expected stories per year: 0.25 (one every four years)

Rugby league[edit]

Expected stories per year: ~2

Rugby union[edit]

Expected stories per year: 4.25 (four yearly, plus one every four years)


Expected stories per year: 1


Expected stories per year: ~0.3 (from 2000–21 there were six promotions, see dates on list of yokozuna)


The Grand Slams:[1]

Expected stories per year: 4



Expected stories per year: ~0.3 (every 3 or 4 years – most recent was 2021, next is 2024)

Multi-sport events[edit]

Expected stories per year: 2.25 (3 in Summer Olympic years, 4 in Winter Olympic years, 1 in odd-numbered years)


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  2. ^ Taken as the publication of the discovery in a peer reviewed scientific journal
  3. ^ In the event that the two organizations do not name them simultaneously, the official naming should only be posted once.
  4. ^ Between 2000 and 2020, five new elements were reported (see Timeline of chemical element discoveries) and nine were officially named, but on some occasions, multiple elements were reported or named simultaneously.
  5. ^ In previous years, the item has been added to ITN when the new members take their seats (1 January) rather than when the results were announced (during October). This is because the elections are not usually heavily competitive, and 1 January is in the middle of a very slow news period every year.
  6. ^ These are "both extremely rare (once in decades) and extremely hard to predict"
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