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Type Non-image Image Overall
vph Article vph Article vph Article
Low 54.0 Le Vin herbé 127.2 List of songs recorded by Angeline Quinto 54.0 Le Vin herbé
Median 265.3 NBA–ABA All-Star Game 555.7 Discharge printing
Portrait of a Creole Woman with Madras Tignon
291.5 Bomba Patch
High 1,471.7 KFC rice 2,539.1 Frances Vorne 2,539.1 Frances Vorne


Article Date Image views vph DYK hook
Frances Vorne 2023-09-12 28,608 2,539.1 ... that a photograph of Frances "the Shape" Vorne wearing a swimsuit made from remnants of a captured Nazi parachute (pictured) was one of the most sought-after pin-ups of World War II?
Julia Masli 2023-09-20 20,244 1,687.0 ... that clown Julia Masli (pictured) found success by shaking hands with audience members using her feet?
KFC rice 2023-09-20 17,660 1,471.7 ... that KFC rice may have originated as a quick, cheap Christmas dinner, owing to the popularity of KFC in Japan?
Vestal Masturbation T-shirt 2023-09-20 16,305 1,358.8 ... that the heavy metal band Cradle of Filth released a T-shirt that was so offensive that several people were arrested for wearing it?
Concert abuse in the 2020s[a] 2023-09-06 15,293 1,189.5 ... that before having bracelets thrown at him in July, Harry Styles had been the target of Skittles, chicken nuggets, kiwi fruit, tampons, feather boas, cowboy hats, pride flags, and Dr. Simi dolls?
Van E. Chandler 2023-09-19 13,721 1,143.4 ... that at the age of 19, Van E. Chandler (pictured) was the youngest pilot in the United States Armed Forces to become a flying ace during World War II?
List of books bound in human skin 2023-09-16 13,196 1,099.7 ... that known books bound in human skin include a highwayman's memoirs bound in his own skin, a novel about a man being left by his lesbian wife, and a BDSM erotic poem?
Bork tapes 2023-09-14 12,400 1,033.3 ... that judge Robert Bork's leaked list of video rentals included movies such as Citizen Kane, The Philadelphia Story and Sixteen Candles?
Catechumen (video game) 2023-09-19 12,228 1,019.0 ... that Catechumen, a Christian first-person shooter, was funded only in the aftermath of the Columbine High School massacre?
Costco hot dog 2023-09-13 11,421 993.1 ... that the Costco hot dog and soda combo deal has cost $1.50 since its introduction in 1984?
Diana Ingro 2023-09-13 11,382 989.7 ... that actress Diana Ingro (pictured) was known as the "Argentine Katharine Hepburn"?
Bridgeman Island (South Shetland Islands) 2023-09-08 22,682 945.1 ... that Bridgeman Island (pictured) was the first volcano in Antarctica to be seen erupting?
Orangeburg Massacre 2023-09-24 22,466 936.1 ... that the Orangeburg Massacre was the first time police shot and killed students on an American university campus?
Invisible ships 2023-09-12 11,784 925.4 ... that invisible ships are a myth?
Rich Men North of Richmond 2023-09-13 6,206[b] 539.7 ... that "Rich Men North of Richmond" by Oliver Anthony was the first single to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with no previous chart history for its artist?
Oliver Anthony 4,348[c] 378.1
Total 10,554 917.7
The Impossible Quiz 2023-09-14 10,624 885.3 ... that The Impossible Quiz is possible to beat?
Blood Pit 2023-09-12 9,898 878.5 ... that the play-by-email game Blood Pit was so complex that even its programmer had trouble winning?
Dunning–Kruger effect 2023-09-04 20,700[d] 862.5 ... that "the first rule of the Dunning–Kruger club is you don't know you're a member of the Dunning–Kruger club"?
Revival Vintage Bottle Shop 2023-09-01 20,519 855.0 ... that when Kentuckians discover unwanted bourbon, there is something they can do with it?
Ruby Diamond 2023-09-22 20,322 846.8 ... that prominent Florida State University benefactor Ruby Diamond (pictured) had the middle name Pearl?
Irredentism 2023-09-12 10,424 818.7 ... that Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014 is an example of irredentism?
Horror aequi 2023-09-09 9,693 807.8 ... that it can be horrifying to people to choose to use too many tos?
1976 Spring Hill shooting 2023-09-12 8,920 791.7 ... that the perpetrator of the 1976 Spring Hill shooting allegedly committed the attack in a rage after being denied membership to a model plane club?
Binion Hoard 2023-09-02 18,815 784.0 ... that charges of murder and grand larceny followed the theft of the Binion Hoard (coin pictured), which was valued at US$4 million in 1998?
Munich Mouser 2023-09-05 10,972 457.2 ... that the Munich Mouser, Neville Chamberlain's pet, and Nelson, Winston Churchill's pet, had a rivalry during World War II?
Nelson (cat) 7,509 312.9
Total 18,482 770.1
Hooker Harvey's 2023-09-15 9,076 756.4 ... that a Harvey's franchise known for being a hub for sex work was described by one artist as a "legendary Toronto icon"?
Lego Island 2023-09-06 18,030 751.2 ... that the entire development team of Lego Island was fired the day before the game was released?
The Miracle of the Bells (book) 2023-09-16 9,004 750.4 ... that the best-selling novel of 1947 was described by Time magazine as "one of the worst ever published"?
George Griffith 2023-09-15 8,998 749.9 ... that George Griffith (pictured) wrote a book about the Boer War three years before it started?
Lake (video game) 2023-09-25 17,924 746.9 ... that a freelance game developer successfully pitched a video game with a picture of a car driving around a lake?
Reichsgesetzblatt 2023-09-20 8,951 745.9 ... that the Reichsgesetzblatt was last issued five days before the Battle of Berlin began?
Brooklyn Bridge–City Hall/Chambers Street station 2023-09-23 17,154 714.7 ... that the Chambers Street station (pictured) was once called "easily one of the most decrepit stations" in the New York City Subway system?
Mustansirite Hardship 2023-09-07 16,993 708.0 ... that cannibals used hooks to kidnap people during a famine in Fatimid Egypt?
Unus testis, nullus testis 2023-09-02 16,873 703.0 ... that the unus testis, nullus testis rule has been criticised because it makes convictions in rape cases very difficult?
Roman lettering 2023-09-18 8,428 702.3 ... that Roman or Trajan lettering was popular for official use in Britain in the first half of the twentieth century?
Jonathan Allen (journalist) 2023-09-28 16,840 701.7 ... that Jonathan Allen (pictured) left journalism for politics before quitting 40 days later?
Budae-jjigae 2023-09-09 8,352 696.0 ... that the Korean stew budae-jjigae (example pictured) commonly includes baked beans, Spam, corn, and American cheese?
Poecilia chica 2023-09-13 7,830 680.8 ... that dwarf mollies hit rock bottom when they grow up?
Covanta Hempstead 2023-09-14 8,008 667.4 ... that Covanta Hempstead's predecessor smelled so bad that it caused nearby shoppers to vomit and its workers to strike?
Women in Etruscan society 2023-09-11 8,000 666.6 ... that frescoes, sarcophagi, urns, and trousseaux found in the tombs of Etruscan women (bust pictured) show the important roles they played in society?
Leskov Island 2023-09-11 7,880 656.7 ... that Leskov Island is probably inaccessible for penguins?
Battle of Dibrivka 2023-09-07 15,606 650.2 ... that 30 Ukrainian anarchists defeated more than 500 Austrian imperial soldiers at the Battle of Dibrivka?
Phallichthys 2023-09-07 15,542 647.6 ... that Phal­lich­thys (literally 'penis fish') species are so called because the males (example pictured) have "comparatively huge" sex appendages?
Amphitheatrum Johnsonianum 2023-09-12 8,125 638.1 ... that according to historian Mark Summers, Amphi­thea­trum John­son­ianum (pictured) could be read as "an invitation to regicide"?
Evdokia Kozhevnikova 2023-09-17 7,548 629.0 ... that the fieldwork of Soviet ethnologist Evdokia Kozhevnikova (pictured) for her unfinished dissertation provides a valuable record of the culture and the language of the Georgian province of Svaneti?
Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims 2023-09-05 14,988 624.5 ... that the clothing tags for Alexander McQueen's first collection, Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims (garment pictured), had McQueen's own hair encased inside?
DeepStateMap.Live 2023-09-10 7,441[e] 620.1 ... that DeepStateMap.Live, an interactive map of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, received up to 120,000 visitors in 30 minutes during the Battle of Izium in the 2022 Kharkiv counteroffensive?
HMS Redpole (1808) 2023-09-18 7,306 608.9 ... that HMS Redpole, one of the aptly-named coffin brigs, sank in an action with a pirate vessel in August 1828?
Ivan Beshoff 2023-09-17 7,296 608.0 ... that Ivan Beshoff, the last survivor of the mutiny on the Potemkin, emigrated to Ireland where he established a fish and chip shop that is still run by his descendants?
Phallichthys tico 2023-09-12 6,826 605.8 ... that the dwarf merry widow is not very brave?
Poecilia catemaconis 2023-09-26 14,523 605.1 ... that the bicolor molly inevitably goes off the deep end in adulthood?
Thwaites Glacier 2023-09-10 7,238 603.2 ... that Thwaites Glacier (pictured) in Antarctica is expected to add 65 cm (26 in) to global sea levels over the coming centuries?
Patricia Mancilla 2023-09-03 14,464 602.7 ... that Patricia Mancilla (pictured) pushed to have restrictions on abortion in Bolivia expunged from the legal code – even after leaders in her own party came out against it?
Cameron Cutie 2023-09-15 7,074[f] 599.5 ... that the mayor of Antrim, Adrian Watson, said that he was overlooked for not being a "Cameron Cutie"?
Ecclesiastical prison 2023-09-16 7,100 591.7 ... that medieval monks could be punished by being walled up alive in a special ecclesiastical prison called the Vade in Pace?
Tamás Király 2023-09-18 7,082 590.2 ... that when the Hungarian Arts Fund denied a grant application by Tamás Király (pictured) for a fashion show, he used the rejection letter as a poster?
Yanomamö: The Fierce People 2023-09-21 14,158 589.9 ... that the 1968 book Yanomamö: The Fierce People led to a major and decades-long controversy in the field of anthropology?
Akbelen Forest 2023-09-11 7,072 589.4 ... that Akbelen Forest is being cut down to make way for a coal mine?
1973 Brooklyn hostage crisis 2023-09-10 6,940 578.3 ... that one NYPD captain called the 1973 Brooklyn hostage crisis the "birthplace of hostage negotiation"?
Portrait of a Creole Woman with Madras Tignon 2023-09-06 13,817 575.7 ... that Portrait of a Creole Woman with Madras Tignon (pictured) fetched nearly $1 million at auction despite questions about both its artist and subject?
Freedomland U.S.A. 2023-09-11 6,858 571.5 ... that kids could fight the Great Chicago Fire at Freedomland U.S.A.?
Pub test 2023-09-10 6,682 556.9 ... that Australian politicians may face the pub test?
Keith Halnan 2023-09-14 6,584 548.6 ... that it is not known what happened to the 25 pregnant women who were given iodine-132 in Keith Halnan's study?
Script Ohio 2023-09-09 6,508 542.4 ... that Script Ohio has been called "one of the most impressive examples of American folk art in existence"?
The Librarian (version control system) 2023-09-10 6,491 540.9 ... that The Librarian was part of the shift by computer programmers away from using punched cards?
Doppelganger (Klein book) 2023-09-24 12,932 538.9 ... that Naomi Klein and Naomi Wolf are Doppelgangers?
Liz O'Riordan 2023-09-18 6,466 538.8 ... that in 2018, breast surgeon Liz O'Riordan arrived for her breast cancer treatment dressed as Mrs Incredible?
Discharge printing 2023-09-14 6,429 535.8 ... that discharge printing (pictured) creates patterns by stripping dye from dyed cloth?
The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival 2023-09-23 12,770 532.1 ... that The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival has been considered one of the worst video games of 2023?
Dakou 2023-09-05 12,704 529.4 ... that raw material waste from the West influenced a generation of rock music in China?
Erskine Childers (author) 2023-09-19 6,322 526.8 ... that novelist Erskine Childers was an artilleryman in the British Army, a lieutenant in the Royal Navy, a major in the Royal Air Force, and a staff captain in the Irish Republican Army?
The Sims 2: Nightlife 2023-09-28 12,628 526.2 ... that a reviewer for The Sims 2: Nightlife said that a more accurate name would be "The Sims: Slutting About"?
Maureen Flavin Sweeney 2023-09-14 6,265 522.1 ... that after Irish post office clerk Maureen Flavin Sweeney reported worsening weather conditions, Dwight D. Eisenhower agreed to postpone D-Day by 24 hours?
Bankruptcy of Penn Central 2023-09-14 6,068 505.7 ... that the bankruptcy of Penn Central in 1970 was the largest in American history at the time?
Murder of Yadira Arroyo 2023-09-03 12,086 503.6 ... that the murderer of Yadira Arroyo was reportedly found mentally unfit to stand trial three times?
Edgar Jaffé 2023-09-06 12,054 502.2 ... that when Edgar Jaffé died, D. H. Lawrence wrote to his widow to say that he was glad?
Manhole (manga) 2023-09-13 4,578 495.8 ... that it took nearly five years for Tetsuya Tsutsui to find out that the first volume of his work Manhole was banned in Nagasaki Prefecture?
Market Square (San Francisco) 2023-09-09 5,860 488.3 ... that Twitter's headquarters building (pictured) in San Francisco was built as a trade center for furniture wholesalers in 1937?
Blockchain Chicken Farm 2023-09-05 11,718 488.2 ... that Blockchain Chicken Farm is about chicken farms run by people who have never heard of blockchain?
Ludovic Antal 2023-09-04 11,716 488.1 ... that in 1968, actor Ludovic Antal (pictured) recited a Romanian nationalist poem in front of tourists from Soviet Moldavia, causing them to flee for their bus for fear of a "provocation"?
Sinéad O'Connor on Saturday Night Live 2023-09-12 6,208 487.6 ... that Sinéad O'Connor said that tearing up her mother's picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live put her "back on the right track"?
Phallichthys amates 2023-09-09 5,802 483.5 ... that merry widows like soft bottoms?
Castle in the Sky 2023-09-11 5,644[g] 470.3 ... that fans of Castle in the Sky twice broke the record for largest number of tweets posted per second?
Castello di Santa Eurasia 2023-09-10 5,638 469.9 ... that a wolf reportedly ate Boris Johnson's dongle at an Italian castle owned by a Russian billionaire?
José Cobo Cano 2023-09-12 5,036 446.9 ... that José Cobo Cano compared officiating same-sex marriages to celebrating the Eucharist with Coca-Cola?
Vladimír Mandl 2023-09-14 5,338 444.8 ... that Vladimír Mandl (pictured) wrote the first book on space law 25 years before Sputnik 1 was launched into space?
1955 Brazilian coup d'état 2023-09-21 10,616 442.4 ... that due to the 1955 Brazilian coup d'état, Brazil had three presidents in the span of a single week?
Temple of Piety 2023-09-26 10,478 436.6 ... that ancient Rome's Temple of Piety was closely connected with the legend of a daughter who breastfed an imprisoned parent?
Flying Machines Which Do Not Fly 2023-09-17 5,084 423.7 ... that a 1903 New York Times editorial predicted it would take one to ten million years to develop an operating flying machine?
Nāmākēhā 2023-09-03 10,129 422.0 ... that Nāmākēhā was sacrificed in 1797 after he led an unsuccessful rebellion against Hawaiian king Kamehameha I?
Adam W. Oberlin 2023-09-09 5,062 421.8 ... that Adam W. Oberlin, the 1917 Republican nominee to be the mayor of Canton, Ohio, went missing and was found seven months later working as a carpenter in Norfolk, Virginia?
Saunders Island, South Sandwich Islands 2023-09-22 10,092 420.5 ... that Saunders Island has a lava lake and is populated by penguins?
Jews Don't Count 2023-09-27 9,942 414.2 ... that according to David Baddiel's book Jews Don't Count, antisemitism has become perceived as a "second-class racism"?
Hindi imposition 2023-09-22 9,836 409.9 ... that the slogan "One Nation, One Language" has been used to justify the imposition of Hindi?
Mug shot of Donald Trump 2023-09-16 4,876[h] 406.4 ... that within 90 minutes of Donald Trump's release from jail, his 2024 presidential campaign began using his mug shot on merchandise?
Poecilia gillii 2023-09-11 4,875 406.2 ... that small Poecilia gillii males have longer sex organs than larger males, to facilitate mating with females that flee from them?
William L. Keleher 2023-09-13 3,748 405.9 ... that William L. Keleher fired three teachers who said Boston College was teaching heresy?
Sayuri Ogawa 2023-09-13 3,738 404.8 ... that the assassination of Shinzo Abe motivated a former believer of the Unification Church, Sayuri Ogawa, to become a prominent anti-cult activist?
Dvorichna settlement hromada 2023-09-28 9,681 403.4 ... that the Dvorichna settlement hromada has remained divided between Russia and Ukraine since the 2022 Kharkiv counteroffensive?
Te'omim Cave 2023-09-27 9,631 401.3 ... that the Te'omim Cave (pictured) in Israel was home to a Bronze Age alabaster quarry, a refuge cave during the Jewish–Roman wars, and a possible center for necromantic activity in late antiquity?
Dublin's Last Supper 2023-09-28 6,291 262.1 ... that 13 contemporary Dubliners reenacted The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci for a mural installed in their city's "Italian Quarter"?
Italian Quarter, Dublin 3,239 135.0
Total 9,530 397.1
Chanig ar Gall 2023-09-28 5,750 239.6 ... that Chanig ar Gall joined her husband Charlez ar Gall in Breton-language broadcasting after learning Breton?
Charlez ar Gall 3,775 157.3
Total 9,525 396.9
Charlie Gray 2023-09-04 9,442 393.4 ... that Major League Baseball pitcher Charlie Gray was billed as his team's pitcher "of six fingers and six toed fame" and called "a freak" by the Sporting Life?
The Big Apple (Waitomo) 2023-09-25 9,422 392.6 ... that there is a 7.5-metre-tall (25 ft) statue of an apple (pictured) in Waitomo, New Zealand?
Flag of Mato Grosso do Sul 2023-09-23 9,326 388.6 ... that the Brazilian military government changed the ochre on the proposed flag of Mato Grosso do Sul to blue so as to match the colors of the national flag?
New York Hasidic education controversy[i] 2023-09-17 3,018 384.8 ... that a complaint signed by 52 people resulted in curriculum standards at New York State's private schools being subject to structured regulatory oversight for the very first time?
Tholos (architecture) 2023-09-19 4,616 384.7 ... that in Greek architecture the round tholos form (example pictured) offered an escape from the "austere conventions" of Greek temple design?
Joan Brigham 2023-09-21 9,199 383.3 ... that artist Joan Brigham is best known for her work with steam?
Revolution+1 2023-09-03 9,181 382.5 ... that an unfinished cut of Revolution+1, a film about the life of the suspected assassin of former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, was released in theaters the day before Abe's state funeral?
Netsafe 2023-09-07 9,142 380.9 ... that the organisation Netsafe created an email chatbot that replies to scammers with questions indefinitely?
Wade Meckler 2023-09-21 9,134 380.6 ... that Major League Baseball player Wade Meckler was 4 feet 10 inches (1.47 metres) tall and weighed 75 pounds (34 kilograms) when he was a high-school freshman?
Winnowing basket 2023-09-15 4,521 376.8 ... that there is a folk tradition in Korea where children who urinate while sleeping are made to wear a winnowing basket on their head and ask their neighbors for salt?
The Temple (painting) 2023-09-13 3,476 376.4 ... that according to an art historian, the painting The Temple evokes a sense of both crisis and "enduring power"?
Mark Murphy (American football executive) 2023-09-13 2,242 194.9 ... that Mark Murphy played safety for the Washington Redskins from 1977 to 1984 while Mark Murphy played safety for the Green Bay Packers from 1980 to 1991?
Mark Murphy (safety, born 1958) 2,034 176.9
Total 4,276 371.8
Models of communication 2023-09-10 4,454 371.2 ... that one of the earliest models of communication was developed by Aristotle?
Scaring the Hoes 2023-09-13 3,425 370.9 ... that JPEGMafia did not use Pro Tools when Scaring the Hoes?
Cyprian Norwid 2023-09-26 8,866 369.4 ... that the 19th-century poet Cyprian Norwid (pictured), now recognized as one of the most important Polish poets, led a poverty-stricken life and his works were rarely appreciated until decades after his death?
Palaeorehniidae 2023-09-01 8,802 366.8 ... that with all known Palae­orehniidae fossils (example pictured) being incomplete, the relationships of the family are uncertain?
Dongbei renaissance 2023-09-19 4,328 360.7 ... that a rapper coined the term "Dongbei renaissance" to describe the cultural resurgence of China's rust belt?
John Koniszewski 2023-09-13 3,317 359.2 ... that John Koniszewski was wounded by machine-gun fire at the Battle of Saipan, returned to the battle after "a brief rest", and later played three years in the National Football League?
Luis de Carvajal the Younger 2023-09-19 4,292 357.7 ... that the earliest-known Jewish writer in the Americas was the nephew of a conquistador?
Provatura 2023-09-08 8,576 357.3 ... that provatura cheese was mentioned in a 12th-century chronicle?
Chollas Creek 2023-09-11 4,285 357.1 ... that a California sea lion, later named Freeway, was thought to have traveled up Chollas Creek (pictured) before getting onto California State Highway 94?
Clark Street station 2023-09-07 8,527 355.3 ... that in the 1920s, a guard was posted outside the New York City Subway's Clark Street station to prevent sailors from using it at night?
1989 (Taylor's Version) 2023-09-27 8,511[j] 354.6 ... that fans of Taylor Swift solved 33 million puzzles in less than a day to find out 1989 (Taylor's Version)'s "vault" tracks?
Samuel Rajzman 2023-09-15 4,166 353.1 ... that Holocaust survivor Samuel Rajzman, a witness to the post-war Nuremberg and Treblinka trials, escaped from Treblinka concentration camp and was then sheltered by a local Polish farmer?
Taro Tsujimoto 2023-09-18 4,233 352.8 ... that the Buffalo Sabres drafted a fictional player in the 1974 National Hockey League Amateur Draft?
Restless Heart 2023-09-13 3,254 352.5 ... that record executive Tim DuBois locked the members of Restless Heart (pictured) in an office for seven hours until they came up with a name for the band?
Humayun Shah 2023-09-05 8,311 346.3 ... that according to a popular legend, the tomb of Humayun Shah split open when he was interred?
Godalming 2023-09-20 4,150 345.8 ... that the old town hall in Godalming, Surrey, is nicknamed "The Pepperpot" (pictured) after its distinctive cupola?
WPSG 2023-09-01 8,198 341.6 ... that today is independence day for Philly 57?
Haggai Chisom Ndubuisi 2023-09-15 4,019 340.6 ... that Haggai Chisom Ndubuisi, a National Football League player, had never heard of American football before watching a YouTube video when he was 18 years old?
Kingdom Rush 2023-09-14 4,065 338.8 ... that the success of Kingdom Rush prompted plans to grow the video game industry of Uruguay?
United States Marine Hospital (Lahaina, Hawaii) 2023-09-09 4,064 338.7 ... that the U.S. Marine Hospital in Lahaina collapsed due to vibrations from neighboring construction, was rebuilt, and then was destroyed by the 2023 Hawaii wildfires?
Updown 2023-09-19 4,053 337.8 ... that "Updown", the first solo single released by Piri and Tommy Villiers after their breakup, was about Piri having cowgirl sex with Villiers?
Akiho Suzumoto 2023-09-10 4,030 335.9 ... that Japanese voice actress Akiho Suzumoto can recite 70 digits of pi from memory?
Peasant Farm Policy 2023-09-19 4,026 335.5 ... that the Canadian government implemented the Peasant Farm Policy to force First Nations farmers to use the methods of European peasants?
Erice van Leuven 2023-09-14 4,000 333.3 ... that when Erice van Leuven's brothers posted a video of her mountain biking as a 10-year-old, she received four offers of sponsorship?
Echte Wagner 2023-09-09 3,982 331.9 ... that an album of collectible cards from the German margarine brand Echte Wagner in 1930 presented a vision of the future that incorporated concepts such as wireless personal phones with screens?
Sienna Shaw 2023-09-01 7,778 324.1 ... that Sienna Shaw of the slasher film Terrifier 2 was envisioned by Damien Leone as symbolizing an Old Testament angel?
Cardinal of Portugal's Altarpiece 2023-09-17 3,853 321.1 ... that the Cardinal of Portugal's Altarpiece (pictured) commemorates a prince who fought in battle aged 14 and died aged 25?
The Blip 2023-09-23 7,687 320.3 ... that Kevin Feige perceived a "direct parallel" between the experiences of real people during the COVID-19 pandemic and those of fictional characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during the Blip?
Hôtel Gabriel 2023-09-17 3,840 320.0 ... that the Hôtel Gabriel was rebuilt after its destruction in World War II?
Ian Heslop 2023-09-02 7,582 315.9 ... that butterfly collector Ian Heslop was once required to supervise an execution?
Triodia scintillans 2023-09-19 3,768 314.0 ... that the spiky inedible grass Triodia scintillans tastes like salt and vinegar chips?
C. J. Okoye 2023-09-19 3,752 312.7 ... that the first organized football game of C. J. Okoye's life was in the National Football League?
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (season 3) 2023-09-18 3,635 302.9 ... that in season three of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Oliver personally forgave nearly $15 million of medical debt for 9,000 Americans?
Battle of Lewinsville 2023-09-15 3,562 301.9 ... that after the Battle of Lewinsville, the "Gray Ghost" wrote that he regretted "the glorious opportunity that I missed of winging their colonel"?
El Yucateco 2023-09-07 7,235 301.5 ... that El Yucateco was the first Mexican brand of hot sauce sold in the United States?
Petite Mort (ballet) 2023-09-16 3,616 301.3 ... that Jiří Kylián's ballet Petite Mort (dancers pictured) uses slow movements from Mozart's most famous piano concertos to contrast the physicality of the choreography?
William Nixon (obstetrician) 2023-09-20 3,602 300.2 ... that William Nixon performed abortions in the NHS before the passing of the Abortion Act 1967?
Mimodactylus 2023-09-10 3,589 299.1 ... that Mimodactylus (reconstruction pictured) is the first complete pterosaur from the Afro-Arabian continent?
Maisi 2023-09-12 3,362 298.4 ... that Loud LDN co-founder Maisi came joint last in the 2022 Maldon mud race, behind a naked runner who had been forced to start after everyone else?
Gage and Tollner 2023-09-11 3,566 297.2 ... that Gage and Tollner used to close from June to September because of oyster shortages?
Incheon Station 2023-09-06 7,132 297.2 ... that the rights to build Incheon Station in the Korean Empire were temporarily given to an American company in an attempt to protect it from the Empire of Japan?
Valerie Cowie 2023-09-25 7,115 296.5 ... that when Valerie Cowie was appointed a senior lecturer, one of her referees wrote that his "only reservation is that the post ... does not adequately do justice to her high academic status"?
Simón (2023 film) 2023-09-15 3,497 296.4 ... that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the nightclub scene in Simón used only 30 extras instead of the originally intended 250?
Axel Lagerbielke 2023-09-22 7,039 293.3 ... that Swedish naval officer Axel Lagerbielke was imprisoned in Lima for over a year, held in Callao and eventually escaped from Panama on an English packet boat to Jamaica?
Bomba Patch 2023-09-18 3,498 291.5 ... that the name of the video game mod series Bomba Patch was inspired by éclairs?
Mioarele 2023-09-20 3,492 291.0 ... that three American bombers were downed over the Romanian village of Suslănești in May 1944?
Salar de Pedernales 2023-09-20 3,479 289.9 ... that Salar de Pedernales in Chile features dark slope streaks resembling dark slope streaks on Mars?
Occult America 2023-09-15 3,420 289.8 ... that Occult America suggests that Abraham Lincoln may have turned to Spiritualism after the death of his son?
2021 Nabisco strike 2023-09-19 3,472 289.4 ... that during the 2021 Nabisco strike, Kotaku published an article discussing the ethics of buying Pokémon-themed Oreos?
Lotharian legend 2023-09-17 3,468 289.0 ... that according to the Lotharian legend a medieval emperor declared Roman law the law of the Holy Roman Empire?
2012 Singapore bus drivers' strike 2023-09-19 3,426 285.5 ... that a number of bus drivers who participated in a strike were unaware that it was illegally held?
Education 2023-09-11 3,368[k] 280.7 ... that it is controversial whether indoctrination forms part of education?
Big John Dodo 2023-09-23 6,731 280.5 ... that Lord McAlpine commissioned 100 heads from Big John Dodo?
Dear England 2023-09-17 3,341 278.4 ... that Dear England tells the story of how manager Gareth Southgate helped change notions of masculinity for the men's national football team?
Harastølen 2023-09-14 3,336 278.0 ... that the former Lyster Sanatorium, which was used as the setting for the horror movie Villmark Asylum, is being renovated as a hotel?
Zhu Cilang 2023-09-24 6,650 277.1 ... that when Zhu Cilang was asked why his family lost the Mandate of Heaven, he blamed it on their "treacherous ministers"?
Kingstree jail fire 2023-09-17 3,306 275.5 ... that the Kingstree jail fire killed 22 freedmen amidst the "unsettled" labor conditions of Reconstruction in South Carolina?
Casey Johnston 2023-09-01 6,600 275.0 ... that Casey Johnston's writing about weightlifting is intended for people who feel their bodies are "never hot enough"?
Rock Diver 2023-09-10 3,261 271.8 ... that several science fiction critics praised "Rock Diver", the first short story by American writer Harry Harrison, for its compelling take on technology for passing through matter?
NBA–ABA All-Star Game 2023-09-18 3,184 265.3 ... that NBA owners won a binding arbitration that blocked a third NBA–ABA all-star game between the rival basketball leagues?
Georgia RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act 2023-09-20 3,150 262.5 ... that Georgia's racketeering law has been used to prosecute an assisted-suicide group, schoolteachers in a cheating scandal, a fake dentist, and Donald Trump?
Occleshaw House 2023-09-10 3,086 257.2 ... that since being left vacant the grade II–listed Occleshaw House in Leyland, Lancashire, has been used as an illegal cannabis farm and suffered a suspected arson attack?
WAND (TV) 2023-09-20 3,055 254.6 ... that employees resigned from an Illinois TV station after ownership decided there were too many people on the payroll?
Madrasa Ghaziuddin Khan 2023-09-18 3,054 254.5 ... that the Madrasa Ghaziuddin Khan is one of the few surviving madrasas dating from the Mughal Empire, and the oldest continuing school in Delhi, India?
Renewable energy in Turkey 2023-09-13 2,926 254.4 ... that following the energy price shock caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Turkish government intervened to have the country's renewable energy subsidise coal and gas?
Out of All the Masts 2023-09-22 6,100 254.2 ... that Mihai Eminescu's poem "Out of All the Masts", which Eminescu himself never intended to publish, has won posthumous praise as a "perfect combination of words"?
Paul Needham (librarian) 2023-09-26 6,055 252.3 ... that the librarian Paul Needham has argued for the "respectful burial of the human remains" included in a book bound in human skin?
Gyula Bajó 2023-09-15 1,773 150.3 ... that Hungarians Gyula Bajó and Endre Hevizi, who went on to design stained glass (example pictured) for the Debre Libanos monastery, worked as labourers in a British pottery after the Second World War?
Endre Hevizi 1,200 101.7
Total 2,974 252.0
Lauk Shein 2023-09-04 6,018 250.8 ... that Governor Lauk Shein of Bassein fled the city along with "ten elephant loads of gold and silver", but could not outrun the pursuing Hanthawaddy troops?
Pont Abraham Services 2023-09-14 2,974 247.8 ... that Pont Abraham Services, at the end of the M4, were one of the first in the UK to sell fuel for over £2 per litre?
Jewish astrology 2023-09-15 2,908 246.4 ... that while the laws governing Jewish astrology prohibit worshipping the stars, gaining knowledge of their influences on humans is permitted?
Hot (Seventeen song) 2023-09-19 2,942 245.2 ... that the song "Hot" features samples of car alarms?
Phoenician sanctuary of Kharayeb 2023-09-02 5,870 244.6 ... that the deity of the Phoenician sanctuary of Kharayeb remains unidentified due to the absence of names of specific gods in unearthed inscriptions?
BattleBit Remastered 2023-09-16 2,928 244.0 ... that BattleBit Remastered, a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter, was created by three indie developers?
Ashy flycatcher 2023-09-18 2,922 243.5 ... that one way to tell the African dusky flycatcher apart from the ashy flycatcher (example pictured) is that the former is "cuter"?
Biblioteca Gabriel García Márquez 2023-09-09 2,920 243.4 ... that in 2023 the IFLA named the Biblioteca Gabriel García Márquez the "best new public library in the world"?
All-American Bitch 2023-09-22 5,788 241.2 ... that the title of Olivia Rodrigo's song "All-American Bitch" was derived from an essay by Joan Didion?
1995 Hotel Properties Limited apartment sales 2023-09-01 5,774 240.6 ... that Singapore's founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew and his son Lee Hsien Loong donated the "unsolicited discounts" from their controversial purchase of condominium units to charity?
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 2023-09-24 5,764 240.1 ... that the Mars Recon­nais­sance Orbiter photographed Curiosity (pictured) as it landed on Mars?
Sandy Liang 2023-09-09 2,864 238.6 ... that the New York City-based fashion label Sandy Liang is inspired by grandmothers in Chinatown, and often features Liang's own grandmother as a model?
The Grudge (song) 2023-09-20 2,846 237.2 ... that following the release of Olivia Rodrigo's song "The Grudge", fans speculated that it was about her supposed feud with Taylor Swift?
1943 Football League War Cup final 2023-09-16 2,846 237.2 ... that according to sportswriter Jon Henderson, the 1943 Football League War Cup final was "widely regarded as the greatest club football match of the war"?
1989 Serbian general election 2023-09-27 5,665 236.0 ... that the 1989 Serbian general election was the last one-party election in Serbia?
Diggin' Dogs 2023-09-10 2,831 235.9 ... that an initial gameplay concept for Diggin' Dogs was "possibly going to be worms eating into a diseased brain", with design input from Edmund McMillen?
WCSH 2023-09-25 5,662 235.9 ... that a Maine TV station was so protective of its evening newscast that it preempted nearly 40 percent of all NBC Sports programming in 1994?
Masquerade (Khachaturian) 2023-09-08 5,654 235.6 ... that the waltz from Khachaturian's Masquerade Suite has been called "spooky" and is often played for Halloween?
Give Me Your Hand (novel) 2023-09-11 2,818 234.8 ... that Megan Abbott's 2018 novel Give Me Your Hand uses menstruation as a metaphor, which she compared to comments made by Donald Trump during the 2016 election?
WFTV 2023-09-05 5,508 229.5 ... that the legal battle over awarding channel 9 in Orlando, Florida, the longest case in FCC history at the time, filled 55 volumes?
Eternal Blue (album) 2023-09-12 2,580 228.9 ... that Eternal Blue, a metalcore album, was inspired in part by 1980s pop music?
Nicholas Russo 2023-09-04 5,483 228.5 ... that the pastor of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral made Nicholas Russo celebrate Mass in the basement of the church because Russo was Italian?
Mitch Love 2023-09-16 2,736 228.0 ... that ice hockey player Mitch Love once fought 34 times in one season, more than any other professional player in the world that year?
KAGI 2023-09-14 2,733 227.8 ... that the founding manager of an Oregon radio station named it after his wife's former name?
Admiral Beatty Hotel 2023-09-21 5,456 227.3 ... that following its closure, the former Admiral Beatty Hotel was converted into a senior citizens' apartment building?
Jonathan Blow 2023-09-14 2,726 227.1 ... that Jonathan Blow thought that he may not have finished creating the videogame Braid were he not simultaneously learning kung fu?
Chrigel Maurer 2023-09-21 5,442 226.7 ... that Christian "Chrigel" Maurer (pictured), eight-time winner of the X-Alps "hike-and-fly" paragliding endurance race, and his future wife Karin both won gold medals at the same World Cup event?
Jergins Trust Building 2023-09-21 5,403 225.1 ... That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd that once led to the Jergins Trust Building in Long Beach, California?
Black Widow (2021 film) 2023-09-18 2,700[l] 225.0 ... that Scarlett Johansson filed a lawsuit against The Walt Disney Company alleging that the release strategy for Black Widow breached her contract?
Barry Windsor-Smith 2023-09-15 2,674 222.9 ... that comic book artist Barry Windsor-Smith wrote, drew, inked, and lettered every page of his graphic novel Monsters by himself?
Adelaide L. T. Douglas House 2023-09-16 2,656 221.3 ... that the Adelaide L. T. Douglas House, built for a New York City socialite, housed the United States Olympic Committee before being sold to Guatemala?
The Sims 2: University 2023-09-20 2,645 220.4 ... that bugs reported during the development of The Sims 2: University included "zombies can't fall in love" and "zombies walk on water"?
William J. Ennis 2023-09-15 2,580 215.0 ... that William J. Ennis's office consisted of a folding bed?
Julian Hill (American football) 2023-09-25 2,766 115.2 ... that Julian Hill was the first player from Campbell University to make an NFL roster, but Brevin Allen was the first to play in a game?
Brevin Allen 2,386 99.4
Total 5,152 214.7
Art Rooney Jr. 2023-09-11 2,539 211.6 ... that Art Rooney Jr. presided over what one Pro Football Hall of Fame selector described as "the best drafting run in NFL history"?
Revolution of the Ganhadores 2023-09-10 2,523 210.2 ... that African porters in Salvador, Bahia, went on strike after the provincial government passed a law requiring them to wear metal identification tags?
Lee Dai Sor 2023-09-08 5,022 209.2 ... that Singaporean broadcaster Lee Fook Hong legally changed his name to Lee Dai Sor (literally 'Lee Big Fool' in Cantonese) after being accused of tax evasion?
Valery Chekalov 2023-09-10 2,486 207.1 ... that Wagner Group head of logistics Valery Chekalov, who was killed in the 2023 Tver Oblast plane crash, used the call sign "Rover"?
State Council (Sikkim) 2023-09-09 2,479 206.6 ... that a seat was reserved for Buddhist monks and nuns in the Sikkim State Council?
Hotel Brexton 2023-09-16 2,462 205.1 ... that the Hotel Brexton in Baltimore was once home to Wallis Simpson, the American divorcée who married Edward VIII?
Lava Ridge Wind Project 2023-09-20 2,460 205.0 ... that the Lava Ridge Wind Project proposal has faced opposition for putting 740-foot-tall (230 m) wind turbines next to the former Minidoka internment camp?
KDNL-TV 2023-09-27 4,887 203.6 ... that one reviewer described a TV station in St. Louis as appearing to be "not serious about the news"?
John Ogilby 2023-09-15 2,443 203.6 ... that John Ogilby saved the manuscript of his translation of the complete works of Virgil from destruction in a shipwreck by wrapping it in a waterproof cloth?
Spear (Griffith novel) 2023-09-04 4,886 203.6 ... that Nicola Griffith's novella Spear examines how the Roman conquest made Britain an ethnically diverse society?
14th Street–Union Square station 2023-09-09 2,357 196.4 ... that when the New York City Subway's 14th Street–Union Square station was built, the park above it was raised?
Campanile, Portmeirion 2023-09-09 2,340 195.0 ... that the Campanile, a bell tower in Portmeirion, north Wales, was built in 1928 using stone from a nearby 12th-century castle?
KCOS (TV) 2023-09-04 4,652 193.8 ... that a public TV station in Texas held an eight-hour telethon before it even began broadcasting?
Maggie Tokuda-Hall 2023-09-02 4,628 192.8 ... that Scholastic requested Maggie Tokuda-Hall remove the phrase "virulent racism" from the Author's Note in Love in the Library, a children's book about Japanese-American internment camps?
The Cormac McCarthy Journal 2023-09-17 2,312 192.6 ... that The Cormac McCarthy Journal is one of the few academic journals about a specific author from the United States founded while its subject was alive?
Henry Biard 2023-09-11 2,294 191.1 ... that pilot Henry Biard made his first flight before taking his first flying lesson?
Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Council Proposal 156 2023-09-08 4,452 185.5 ... that Indianapolis's 2023 gun control ordinance – which bans assault weapons, among other measures – is a trigger law that only goes into effect if Indiana's state preemption law is repealed or struck down?
Aubinadong River 2023-09-08 4,444 185.2 ... that the Aubinadong River in Ontario, Canada, was an indigenous canoe route and is still used for canoe camping as its main recreational activity?
Small-town opera house 2023-09-12 2,354 184.9 ... that as of 2018, the opera house in Harrington, Washington – which opened in 1904 – had never staged an opera?
Parimal Garden 2023-09-11 2,195 182.9 ... that Parimal Garden in Ahmedabad has scrap-metal monkeys?
Le langaige du Bresil 2023-09-07 4,364 181.9 ... that Le langaige du Bresil, one of the earliest documentary sources of any South American language, demonstrates that Europeans and Brazilian indigenous peoples maintained intimate social contacts?
George S. Bowdoin Stable 2023-09-18 2,137 178.1 ... that the George S. Bowdoin Stable has variously served as a garage, private residence, art gallery, cultural center, and office?
Jacob Hägg 2023-09-17 2,116 176.3 ... that according to family tradition, admiral and painter Jacob Hägg decided to become a naval officer after seeing a Franco-British naval force during the Crimean War?
3rd EU–CELAC summit 2023-09-12 2,244 176.2 ... that UK prime minister Rishi Sunak complained when a joint declaration was made at a summit between the EU and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States that used the term Islas Malvinas?
Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center station 2023-09-18 2,101 175.1 ... that the Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center station has a Hook, Line, and Sinker?
William J. Murphy (Jesuit) 2023-09-01 4,161 173.4 ... that William J. Murphy's presidency of Boston College began 16 days before the start of World War II and concluded five days after hostilities ended?
The Andy Griffith Show Theme 2023-09-12 2,198 172.6 ... that according to Ron Howard, his high school classmates teased him by whistling "The Andy Griffith Show Theme"?
Adam Exner 2023-09-13 1,980 172.1 ... that Adam Exner, the archbishop of Vancouver from 1991 to 2004, played polkas and waltzes on the accordion well after he became a bishop?
Thorfinn (Vinland Saga) 2023-09-26 4,054 168.9 ... that Thorfinn's journey to Vinland in the manga Vinland Saga was influenced by the author's anxieties during the Cold War and the September 11 attacks?
List of cranes 2023-09-15 2,026 168.8 ... that the Siberian crane is considered more threatened than the whooping crane, despite there being an estimated ten times more of them?
2023 Leagues Cup final 2023-09-28 4,020 167.5 ... that tickets on secondary markets for the 2023 Leagues Cup final ranged from $484 to $12,000 within a day of release?
Imagining Mars: A Literary History 2023-09-17 2,006 167.2 ... that Imagining Mars: A Literary History "presents a compelling case that 'Mars matters'"?
Chaimas Kaplanas 2023-09-28 3,993 166.4 ... that Chaimas Kaplanas took part in four hunger strikes during his imprisonment at Kaunas Prison?
Moran Zer Katzenstein 2023-09-19 1,974 164.5 ... that Moran Zer Katzenstein led a women's march inspired by The Handmaid's Tale in protest of Israeli judicial reform?
Kharayeb 2023-09-16 1,973 164.4 ... that archaeological excavations in the historic town of Kharayeb revealed a rural settlement with a complex system of cisterns and a Phoenician temple?
Dan Simonescu 2023-09-12 2,085 163.7 ... that Romanian literary scholar Dan Simonescu, who edited a chronicle dealing with the reign of Michael the Brave, had to delete any mention of Michael having "all the Jews murdered"?
Regina Purtell 2023-09-03 3,928 163.7 ... that Regina Purtell took such great care of Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders that the press called her the Florence Nightingale of the Spanish–American War?
Solution and EU Party 2023-09-26 3,914 163.1 ... that the Solution and EU Party aimed to represent 30 percent of Turkish Cypriots, but failed to enter the Northern Cypriot parliament?
An Taisce 2023-09-24 3,890 162.1 ... that heritage properties cared for by An Taisce include a guildhall, a marsh, a castle, a Quaker cemetery, and Babe's Bridge?
Robert J. Parins 2023-09-14 1,931 160.9 ... that five years after retiring as the president of the Green Bay Packers, judge Robert J. Parins ruled on a case related to American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer?
Hạc San 2023-09-25 3,860 160.8 ... that Hồn – trăng – máu, Hạc San's concept album, consists solely of the 29-minute title track?
WNUV 2023-09-13 1,839 159.9 ... that a Baltimore TV station aspired to be "the Cadillac of independents"?
Taipei Mission in the Republic of Latvia 2023-09-09 1,915 159.6 ... that Taiwan used to have a consulate general in Latvia before it was downgraded?
Borough Hall/Court Street station 2023-09-13 1,470 159.2 ... that it took almost as long to renovate New York City's Borough Hall station in the 1980s as it did to construct the original subway line?
A Very Trainor Christmas 2023-09-17 1,888 157.4 ... that a pregnant Meghan Trainor, who considered her child a present, wore bows during the promotion for her album A Very Trainor Christmas?
Reigate 2023-09-10 1,878 156.5 ... that the first road tunnel in England, opened in 1823 in Reigate, Surrey, runs under the site of a medieval castle?
Mary Burt Messer 2023-09-20 1,846 153.8 ... that Mary Burt Messer was researching and writing about the sociology of divorce as early as 1924?
Dress history 2023-09-24 3,648 152.0 ... that much of the research in dress history has been done from documents, illustrations, and photographs rather than by studying items of clothing?
Daniela Ceballos 2023-09-09 1,792 149.4 ... that Daniela Ceballos worked with the Football Federation of Chile to supervise safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic while playing football herself?
C/1990 K1 (Levy) 2023-09-04 3,526 146.9 ... that C/1990 K1 (Levy) was the first comet observed by the Hubble Space Telescope, but only short exposures were obtained as the telescope was not yet able to track Solar System bodies?
Posthumous publication 2023-09-09 1,738 144.8 ... that more than 60 scientific papers authored by mathematician Paul Erdős were published posthumously?
1930s Polish Andean expeditions 2023-09-23 3,416 142.3 ... that the 1930s Polish Andean expeditions have been credited with several first ascents and the tracing of a new route to the summit of Aconcagua, the Andes' highest peak?
Wendy McMahon (television executive) 2023-09-12 1,592 141.3 ... that CBS News and Stations president Wendy McMahon helped bring local evening news back to the network's Detroit station after 20 years?
Captain America 2023-09-05 3,370[m] 140.4 ... that circulation numbers for early comic books featuring Captain America remained close to a million copies per month, outstripping news magazines such as Time?
Marcus Junius Gracchanus 2023-09-03 3,332 138.8 ... that the Roman historian Marcus Junius Gracchanus adopted his last name to show his support for Gaius Gracchus?
Rhian Teasdale 2023-09-16 1,636 136.3 ... that Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers formed Wet Leg on a Ferris wheel?
Helene Ollendorff Curth 2023-09-05 3,222 134.3 ... that Helene Ollendorff Curth was first to introduce a set of criteria for associating some rashes as possible indicators for internal cancers?
J. Lewis Crozer Library 2023-09-08 3,222 134.2 ... that when the J. Lewis Crozer Library was founded in 1769, it had 163 books?
Mother Mary Corona 2023-09-21 3,220 134.2 ... that even though Mother Mary Corona received no formal teacher training, she was the president of Alverno Teachers College?
Sometime Samurai 2023-09-11 1,608 134.0 ... that Towa Tei's "Sometime Samurai" remained unfinished for eight years until Australian singer Kylie Minogue re-recorded the song in 2004?
1989 South Florida television affiliation switch 2023-09-22 3,212 133.8 ... that CBS executive Laurence Tisch found out on a tennis court in the U.S. Virgin Islands that rival network NBC had bought his company's affiliate station in Miami?
Rudi Čajavec (company) 2023-09-03 3,186 132.8 ... that in Yugoslavia, Rudi Čajavec, the electronics company that produced various components of the M-84 tank, also made guitar amplifiers?
Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell 2023-09-25 3,157 131.5 ... that the Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell operated as a residence, a house of correction, a factory, and finally a museum?
Funso Ojo 2023-09-14 1,563 130.2 ... that in 2023, footballer Funso Ojo was named as Port Vale's PFA community player of the year for his efforts at becoming more environmentally friendly?
Charlotte Haining 2023-09-25 3,088 128.7 ... that Charlotte Haining was an International Jury Member for the selection of Finland's 2020 Eurovision Song Contest entry?
List of songs recorded by Angeline Quinto 2023-09-16 1,526 127.2 ... that Angeline Quinto (pictured) has recorded songs for at least 35 films and television soundtracks in the Philippines?
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (season 1) 2023-09-03 3,050 127.1 ... that the debut season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver beat seasoned HBO counterpart Real Time with Bill Maher in the ratings?
Ben Brown (American football) 2023-09-27 3,040 126.7 ... that Ben Brown was the seventh member of his family to play American football for the Ole Miss Rebels?
John Romita Sr. 2023-09-27 2,974 123.9 ... that John Romita Sr. has been credited with introducing romance comic themes to Spider-Man comic books?
Nancy Brown (columnist) 2023-09-11 1,453 121.1 ... that readers of Detroit columnist Nancy Brown funded the reforestation of 560 acres of land in her honor during the Great Depression?
Graham Fraser (otolaryngologist) 2023-09-16 1,452 121.0 ... that Graham Fraser pioneered cochlear implantation in the United Kingdom?
Women Philosophers in the Long Nineteenth Century 2023-09-10 1,435 119.6 ... that one reviewer for Women Philosophers in the Long Nineteenth Century was let down by the book's lack of poetry?
Nike Phantom Luna 2023-09-08 2,864 119.4 ... that the Nike Phantom Luna football boot considers women's anatomy and the playing style of women's football in its design?
Arsjad Rasjid 2023-09-23 2,829 117.9 ... that Arsjad Rasjid said that he learned of his appointment as chairman of Ganjar Pranowo's presidential campaign from a friend showing him the news?
Doug Turley 2023-09-19 1,316 109.6 ... that American football player Doug Turley reportedly had some of his best performances after he fractured a bone in his wrist?
Kishvari 2023-09-18 1,312 109.3 ... that scholarly study of the poetry of Kishvari, one of the most important Azerbaijani poets of the 15th and 16th centuries, only started in 1928?
Tanner Brown 2023-09-02 2,590 107.9 ... that American football player Tanner Brown went from being a walk-on to a semifinalist for the Lou Groza Award as the best college placekicker in the United States?
State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company 2023-09-24 2,579 107.5 ... that State Auto Mutual's life-size nativity scene was donated to the Museum of Catholic Art and History in 2023 for display at St. Joseph Cathedral?
Tropical Storm Danny (2021) 2023-09-20 1,286 107.2 ... that in 2021, Tropical Storm Danny became just the third named system to make landfall in South Carolina in the month of June since 1867?
Carmen García (politician) 2023-09-06 2,562 106.7 ... that Quechua senator Carmen García helped pass reforms to education in Bolivia that incorporated indigenous and traditional knowledge?
KUVS-DT 2023-09-16 1,242 103.5 ... that Chester Smith's California TV station ran its newscast on a "dental floss budget", as one former anchor put it?
House Gospel Choir 2023-09-20 1,232 102.6 ... that House Gospel Choir's very first gig was at Glastonbury?
Bob Barney 2023-09-22 2,350 97.9 ... that attending the 1984 Summer Olympics inspired Bob Barney to establish an institution to research the Olympic Games?
Tennessee State Route 158 2023-09-17 1,160 96.7 ... that portions of Tennessee State Route 158 have been called "Front Street", "Front Avenue", "Lakefront Drive", "Neyland Drive", and "James White Parkway"?
William J. McGarry 2023-09-18 1,144 95.3 ... that the day before William J. McGarry was set to leave for the Pontifical Biblical Institute, he was instead appointed a professor at Weston College?
Scott Reppert 2023-09-16 1,142 95.2 ... that College Football Hall of Fame inductee Scott Reppert was a three-time Little All-American at running back and an Academic All-American in the classroom?
Your Choice 2023-09-23 2,239 93.3 ... that "Gam3 Bo1", a song from the EP Your Choice, contains references to NFTs and Zoom?
WFYI (TV) 2023-09-15 1,114 92.8 ... that an "army" of women were congratulated by Pat Nixon for their fundraising efforts to bring public TV to Indianapolis?
Science-Fiction: The Gernsback Years 2023-09-18 1,094 91.2 ... that E. F. Bleiler conducted research for Science-Fiction: The Gernsback Years by reading all 1,835 stories published in science fiction magazines between 1926 and 1936?
Mihai Iștvanovici 2023-09-19 1,071 89.2 ... that upon establishing Georgia's first printing press for Vakhtang VI, Mihai Iștvanovici published Romanian verse in Georgian script?
No Saint 2023-09-26 2,063 86.0 ... that according to Rolling Stone, Lauren Jenkins blended music and acting for No Saint "in ways not currently common practice" in country music?
David Dayen 2023-09-24 1,895 79.0 ... that David Dayen, executive editor of The American Prospect, argues in his 2020 book that monopolies are so interwoven with our lives that it is impossible to escape them?
KHNL 2023-09-07 1,877 78.2 ... that the Japanese-language children's show Kikaida, popularized in Hawaii by a Honolulu TV station, beat Sesame Street in the local ratings?
Waitangiroto Nature Reserve 2023-09-27 1,812 75.5 ... that the Waitangiroto Nature Reserve is the only known nesting area for the eastern great egret in New Zealand?
Darl+ing 2023-09-28 1,760 73.3 ... that South Korean band Seventeen partnered with Apple to let fans create remixes of their song "Darl+ing" on GarageBand?
Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 2023-09-02 1,643 68.5 ... that Slovenian-born singer Ben Dolic was set to represent Germany at Eurovision in 2020?
Greeting Prelude 2023-09-06 1,536 64.0 ... that Igor Stravinsky called his 1955 orchestral work Greeting Prelude "a kind of singing telegram"?
2020 Seattle Sounders FC season 2023-09-26 1,508 62.8 ... that Seattle Sounders FC players held their practices over Zoom during part of their 2020 season?
Mark Fabish 2023-09-06 1,479 61.6 ... that Mark Fabish was recruited to play college football by coach Al Bagnoli and 30 years later succeeded him as head coach of the Columbia Lions?
Cliftonville Ladies F.C. 2023-09-11 716 59.7 ... that despite being the first women's football team in Northern Ireland to sign players on professional contracts, Cliftonville Ladies F.C. were not the first club to register them?
Graham Clark (tenor) 2023-09-17 668 55.6 ... that the tenor Graham Clark appeared at the Bayreuth Festival in 16 seasons, portraying the characters Loge and Mime in the 1988 Ring cycle?
Le Vin herbé 2023-09-01 1,296 54.0 ... that Le Vin herbé is a 1942 musical setting of the story of Tristan and Iseult by Frank Martin for twelve vocalists, seven strings and piano?


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  10. ^ Excludes 6,469.0 background views
  11. ^ Excludes 5,295.0 background views
  12. ^ Excludes 4,437.5 background views
  13. ^ Excludes 2,048.5 background views