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Isambard Kingdom Brunel Standing Before the Launching Chains of the Great Eastern 2020-11-02 23,818 1,984.9 ... that Isambard Kingdom Brunel had muddy boots and trousers when posing for what was called "one of the most famous photographs of the nineteenth century and, possibly, of all time" (pictured)?
City Investing Building 2020-11-04 19,035 1,586.2 ... that the City Investing Building (pictured) was regarded as a "monument to greed" due to its sheer size?
2b2t 2020-11-12 37,834[a] 1,576.4 ... that 2b2t, a no-rules Minecraft multiplayer server running since 2010, has seen more than 580,000 distinct Minecraft players join and explore its nine-terabyte map (pictured)?
Forbidden Area (Playhouse 90) 2020-11-05 18,271 1,522.6 ... that Rod Serling's Forbidden Area (actor pictured), a nuclear-war thriller, launched the four-year run of a series voted in 1970 as "the greatest television series of all time"?
Women's Barracks 2020-11-24 31,684 1,320.2 ... that Women's Barracks (cover pictured), regarded as a classic of lesbian pulp fiction, was banned in Canada and became the first paperback-original bestseller in the United States?
Far future in fiction 2020-11-10 9,750 812.5 ... that works of fiction can describe both the near and far future (example pictured)?
Near future in fiction 4,015 334.6
Total 13,765 1,147.1
Parole der Woche 2020-11-09 13,461 1,121.8 ... that Parole der Woche (Slogan of the Week; example pictured) has been described as "the most ubiquitous and intrusive aspect of Nazism’s visual offensive"?
Jane Withers 2020-11-29 26,752 1,114.7 ... that Jane Withers (pictured) rose to child stardom in the 1930s playing mischievous little girls, "tomboy rascals", and "America's favorite problem child"?
Casaba-Howitzer 2020-11-16 24,844 1,035.2 ... that an effort to build a nuclear shaped charge was called the Casaba Howitzer (warhead type illustrated) because General Atomics was "on a melon kick that year"?
Death of Frederick John White 2020-11-04 12,126 1,010.5 ... that the 1846 death of Frederick John White after a flogging led the Duke of Wellington to order that sentences not exceed 50 lashes?
Nazis and Nazi Collaborators (Punishment) Law 2020-11-23 23,904 996.0 ... that the Israeli Nazis and Nazi Collaborators (Punishment) Law was intended to punish Holocaust survivors rather than Holocaust perpetrators?
The Holocaust and social media 2020-11-17 23,520 980.0 ... that Rhian Sugden, Priyanka Chopra, and Pete Buttigieg have all been the subject of controversy due to social-media photographs taken at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (pictured)?
Battle of the Saw 2020-11-19 23,064 961.0 ... that a Carthaginian army trapped 40,000 rebels and starved them into cannibalism before attacking and killing every man at the Battle of the Saw?
Mary Dee 2020-11-03 10,498 874.8 ... that Mary Dee (pictured), a popular radio personality in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, is widely regarded as the first African-American woman disc jockey in the United States?
Rawiri Waititi 2020-11-25 2,790 116.2 ... that 42 new MPs were elected to the 53rd New Zealand Parliament: 23 for Labour, including Arena Williams, Ibrahim Omer, Helen White, Neru Leavasa, Ingrid Leary, Rachel Brooking, Anna Lorck, Tracey McLellan, and Shanan Halbert (all pictured); 5 for National, including Joseph Mooney, Simon Watts, and Penny Simmonds; 9 for ACT New Zealand, including Toni Severin, Simon Court, Brooke van Velden, and Chris Baillie; 3 for the Greens, including Ricardo Menéndez March and Teanau Tuiono; and 2 for the Māori Party, including Rawiri Waititi?
Ibrahim Omer 2,503 104.3
Arena Williams 1,963 81.8
Helen White (politician) 1,314 54.7
Neru Leavasa 1,158 48.2
Rachel Brooking 1,124 46.8
Ingrid Leary 1,048 43.7
Anna Lorck 978 40.8
Brooke van Velden 969 40.4
Shanan Halbert 963 40.1
Ricardo Menéndez March 960 40.0
Tracey McLellan 881 36.7
Teanau Tuiono 782 32.6
Penny Simmonds 702 29.2
Joseph Mooney (New Zealand politician) 639 26.6
Toni Severin 612 25.5
Simon Watts 580 24.1
Chris Baillie (politician) 454 18.9
Simon Court 426 17.8
Total 20,846 868.6
Canaanite and Aramaic inscriptions 2020-11-01 10,074 839.5 ... that almost half the known words in Phoenician inscriptions (example pictured) have never been found again?
Trump House 2020-11-09 9,770 814.1 ... that a 14-foot (4.3 m) steel cutout of Donald Trump stands outside the Trump House in Latrobe, Pennsylvania?
Kukur Tihar 2020-11-14 19,047 793.6 ... that on the second day of Tihar each year, Nepali people worship dogs (example pictured) to please Yama?
Scorpion (roller coaster) 2020-11-01 9,472 789.3 ... that a lawsuit filed against Busch Gardens Tampa Bay alleged that a model was falsely imprisoned after not being allowed to get off the Scorpion roller coaster (pictured)?
Beatrice Lumpkin 2020-11-05 9,134 761.2 ... that at age 102, Beatrice Lumpkin, a union organizer and lifelong member of the Communist Party, donned hazmat suit–style gear to drop off her vote-by-mail ballot for the US elections?
Filchner Station 2020-11-12 9,099 379.1 ... that when iceberg A-38 calved from the Filchner–Ronne Ice Shelf in 1998, it carried a German research station with it?
Iceberg A-38 9,089 378.7
Total 18,188 757.8
Lion Attacking a Dromedary 2020-11-10 9,056 754.7 ... that in 2017, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History discovered that its 19th-century diorama Lion Attacking a Dromedary contained a human skull?
West Yorkshire Hoard 2020-11-28 17,782 740.9 ... that a round bezel ring (pictured) from the West Yorkshire Hoard rattles when moved and may contain a relic?
James R. Hall 2020-11-27 17,757 739.9 ... that upon taking command of the Fourth United States Army in 1989, James R. Hall (pictured) became the highest-ranking military officer in the Midwestern United States?
This Dust Was Once the Man 2020-11-04 8,324 693.6 ... that Walt Whitman's poem "This Dust Was Once the Man", an elegy for President Abraham Lincoln, is just four lines long?
Disappearance of Nicole Morin 2020-11-16 16,580 690.9 ... that despite the biggest missing-person investigation in the history of the Toronto Police Service, no physical evidence regarding the 1985 disappearance of Nicole Morin was ever found?
Sam Quek 2020-11-15 16,476 686.5 ... that Sam Quek (pictured) played in all of England's games at the 2014 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy despite breaking two ribs in their opening match?
220 Central Park South 2020-11-11 8,139 678.2 ... that when it changed hands in 2019, a "mega condo" in 220 Central Park South became the most expensive residence ever sold in the United States?
Robin Hood's Well 2020-11-09 7,664 638.7 ... that it is impossible to draw water from Robin Hood's Well?
Same-surname marriage 2020-11-03 7,581 631.8 ... that same-surname marriage was prohibited for periods in ancient China?
Emperor's Bible 2020-11-06 7,530 627.5 ... that despite its name, the 11th-century Emperor's Bible is not a Bible?
Nicholas Wilder 2020-11-04 7,505 625.4 ... that Nicholas Wilder said that being diagnosed with AIDS was just another "adventure"?
Ibaqa Beki 2020-11-06 7,459 621.6 ... that Ibaqa Beki was briefly married to Genghis Khan, who abruptly gave her to one of his generals, possibly as a reward to that general for killing her father?
Chilocorus orbus 2020-11-04 5,320 443.3 ... that both the adults and the alligator-like larvae of the twice-stabbed lady beetle prey on the walnut scale?
Quadraspidiotus juglansregiae 1,990 165.8
Total 7,310 609.1
Kresy myth 2020-11-15 14,036 584.8 ... that the Polish Kresy myth has been compared to the American myth of the Wild West and the German nostalgia for East Prussia?
Siege of Tunis (Mercenary War) 2020-11-13 13,872 578.0 ... that at the Siege of Tunis, a Carthaginian general was crucified on the same cross to which he had previously nailed a rebel leader?
Mauree Turner 2020-11-30 13,519 563.3 ... that Mauree Turner is the first publicly non-binary individual elected to a U.S. state legislature?
The Defender (Studio One) 2020-11-03 6,758 563.2 ... that Steve McQueen and William Shatner starred in The Defender, the first live television drama in the US divided for broadcast on separate nights, "leaving audiences dangling on the cliff"?
Marian Anderson 2020-11-07 6,682 556.8 ... that African-American contralto Marian Anderson (pictured) was denied permission by the Daughters of the American Revolution to sing at Constitution Hall in 1939, prompting thousands of its members to resign?
Hadassah (dancer) 2020-11-11 6,594 549.5 ... that a Jewish girl from Jerusalem became an acclaimed performer of Indian, Javanese, Balinese, and other ethnic dance forms in the United States?
Princess Bride Reunion 2020-11-19 12,846 535.3 ... that when Mandy Patinkin played Inigo Montoya in a 2020 virtual live dramatic reading of the Princess Bride script, he used the six-fingered sword (pictured) from the 1987 film?
Max Näther 2020-11-17 12,819 534.1 ... that First World War flying ace Max Näther was appointed as commander of his squadron at age 18?
William E. Miller (soldier, born 1836) 2020-11-13 12,344 514.3 ... that William E. Miller was awarded the Medal of Honor after disobeying orders during the Battle of Gettysburg?
O Captain! My Captain! 2020-11-29 12,344 514.3 ... that although "O Captain! My Captain!", written on the death of Abraham Lincoln, was one of Walt Whitman's most popular poems, he grew to be "almost sorry" he wrote it?
Theridion grallator 2020-11-13 12,314 513.1 ... that the Hawaiian happy-face spider can change color based on its diet?
MeleTOP 2020-11-06 6,118 509.8 ... that when Neelofa announced live on air that she was leaving talk show MeleTOP, it was a surprise to her co-host of eight years (both pictured)?
General Electric Building 2020-11-25 12,003 500.1 ... that the crown of the General Electric Building in Midtown Manhattan contains Gothic tracery and four 50-foot-tall (15 m) electric deities?
Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! 2020-11-08 5,880[b] 490.0 ... that Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! is the first boys' love series published in English by Square Enix?
One-day votive churches 2020-11-16 11,755 489.8 ... that medieval Russians sometimes built churches in one day to ward off epidemics?
Hexham Hoard 2020-11-03 5,844 487.0 ... that gravediggers discovered the Hexham Hoard of eight thousand stycas in a bronze bucket in 1832?
Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference 2020-11-29 11,652[c] 485.5 ... that the press conference held at a Philadelphia landscaping company by Donald Trump's presidential campaign has inspired a virtual charity run to be held today?
Death in 19th-century Mormonism 2020-11-25 11,593 483.0 ... that 19th-century Mormonism embraced the desire for a slow, dramatic, "beautiful death" with plenty of witnesses?
Keep Talking (group) 2020-11-21 11,524 480.2 ... that the British conspiracy-theory and Holocaust-denial group Keep Talking unites the far right and far left?
Pastia people 2020-11-03 5,728 477.4 ... that unlike neighboring tribes, the Pastia people of south Texas escaped detection by Spanish explorers until the early 18th century?
Inwazja 2020-11-20 11,284 470.2 ... that the Polish public-television film Invasion "depicted LGBT rights activists as a foreign-backed threat to Polish children, religion, values, and the very biological continuation of the nation"?
Grande Tema incident 2020-11-28 11,225 467.7 ... that during the 2018 Grande Tema incident, four stowaways threw faeces and urine and made threats to kill the ship's crew?
Shah Jalal Dargah 2020-11-05 5,571 464.2 ... that according to local legend, the catfish that inhabit the reservoir at the Shah Jalal Dargah (grave pictured) are the cursed and reincarnated soldiers of Gour Govinda?
Andrew J. Stofan 2020-11-13 11,074 461.4 ... that Andrew J. Stofan (pictured) was an expert on sloshing?
Chilocorus cacti 2020-11-11 2,396 199.7 ... that the adults and larvae of the cactus lady beetle (pictured) prey on the West Indian red scale, the date palm scale, the white peach scale, the sugarcane scale, and the minute cypress scale?
Selenaspidus articulatus 1,056 88.0
Parlatoria blanchardi 586 48.9
Pseudaulacaspis pentagona 508 42.3
Carulaspis minima 482 40.1
Melanaspis glomerata 480 40.0
Total 5,508 459.0
HMS Surly (1855) 2020-11-24 6,834 284.8 ... that two Royal Navy ships named HMS Surly were launched within a year of each other: an 1855 mortar vessel and an 1856 gunboat?
HMS Surly (1856) 4,073 169.7
Total 10,907 454.5
Flag of Columbus, Ohio 2020-11-12 10,490 437.1 ... that the city flag of Columbus, Ohio, is undergoing a redesign process due to its heavy use of Christopher Columbus imagery?
The Year 2440 2020-11-15 10,418 434.1 ... that the early French science-fiction novel Memoirs of the Year 2500 was one of the most popular titles of the 18th century, despite being banned by the Holy See and the Inquisition?
Lillian Brown 2020-11-01 5,140 428.4 ... that Lillian Brown, makeup artist to nine U.S. presidents, stopped Richard Nixon's sobbing before he went on television to resign the presidency?
Les Ambassadeurs Club 2020-11-23 10,148 422.8 ... that James Bond introduced himself for the first time on film at Les Ambassadeurs Club?
Operations against the Marri and Khetran tribes 2020-11-18 10,112 421.3 ... that the Marri rose in rebellion in Balochistan in 1918 because they heard rumours of British defeats in the First World War?
Pacific Salmon War 2020-11-30 10,075 419.8 ... that the U.S. and Canada engaged in a fishing war in the 1990s?
The Legend of Dragoon 2020-11-02 5,016 418.0 ... that The Legend of Dragoon uses four CDs, the maximum allowed in a PlayStation case?
Election apportionment diagram 2020-11-07 5,012 417.6 ... that an election apportionment diagram (example pictured) is used to explain data in easy-to-understand terms?
Battle of Utica 2020-11-11 4,950 412.5 ... that 100 war elephants led the Carthaginian assault on a rebel camp at the Battle of Utica?
Josefina Guerrero 2020-11-02 4,939 411.6 ... that Filipina soldier and spy Josefina Guerrero, diagnosed with leprosy, created intelligence reports that helped the Americans defeat the Japanese at Manila Harbor?
Pelagianism 2020-11-03 4,886 407.1 ... that Augustine's views of Christian theology were developed in opposition to Pelagianism, which he declared a heresy?
Don Johnson (sports executive) 2020-11-03 4,876 406.3 ... that Don Johnson used "personality and polish" to make friends?
Battle of Salt River 2020-11-27 9,692 403.9 ... that the ǃUriǁʼaekua used their cattle to defeat the Portuguese Empire decisively at the Battle of Salt River?
Champ and Major 2020-11-28 9,434 393.1 ... that Major will be the first rescue dog to live in the White House?
Safford Unified School District v. Redding 2020-11-13 9,402 391.8 ... that in a 2009 case, the U.S. Supreme Court held that a group of school officials violated the U.S. Constitution when they strip-searched a 13-year-old middle-school student?
Improved United Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment 2020-11-11 4,671 389.2 ... that shortly after the Improved United Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment radar network was ready for action "a mere six years" late, the Ministry of Defence had already started looking to replace it?
John F. Yardley 2020-11-07 4,639 386.6 ... that Yardley's Law states that "Pretty is what works"?
NGC 4848 2020-11-26 9,179 382.5 ... that NGC 4848 (pictured), a spiral galaxy, lost most of its hydrogen gas as it passed through the Coma Cluster due to ram pressure?
Tibet–Nepal salt trade route 2020-11-20 9,012 375.5 ... that sheep were traditionally used to carry salt from Tibet to Nepal (traders pictured)?
Diffusion Inhibitor 2020-11-19 9,002 375.1 ... that the world's first fusion reactor was called the Diffusion Inhibitor so managers at NACA would not know what it was?
Gozo Phoenician shipwreck 2020-11-20 8,759 365.0 ... that the Gozo Phoenician shipwreck excavation is the first maritime archaeological survey to explore sunken vessels beyond a depth of 100 metres (330 ft)?
Louise Elisabeth Coldenhoff 2020-11-03 4,351 362.6 ... that Indonesian Navy officer Louise Elisabeth Coldenhoff described her tenure as head of the personnel section as "living between angels and devils"?
Masey McLain 2020-11-02 4,270 355.9 ... that American actress Masey McLain's feature film debut in I'm Not Ashamed was praised by critic Jordan Hoffman, who said of her acting future, "the sky is the limit"?
Yeshivas in World War II 2020-11-10 4,230 352.5 ... that some of the students of yeshivas in World War II were exiled to the remote Komi Republic to do forced labor?
Adelia Silva 2020-11-11 4,225 352.1 ... that the case of Adelia Silva, an Afro-Uruguayan teacher who was removed from three different schools due to her race, generated national attention and disciplinary action against one of the principals?
St Mark's Campanile 2020-11-08 4,178 348.2 ... that St Mark's Campanile (pictured) in Venice was initially built as a watchtower to sight approaching ships, and its spire, once gilded, became a "welcoming star" for navigators?
1902 FA Cup Final 2020-11-18 8,328 347.0 ... that after awarding a controversial goal in the 1902 FA Cup Final, referee Tom Kirkham took refuge in a broom cupboard to evade angry goalkeeper William "Fatty" Foulke (pictured)?
Expulsion of Istanbul Greeks 2020-11-04 4,144 345.3 ... that the expulsion of Greeks from Istanbul in 1964–1965 was part of the final phase of state measures aimed at the Turkification of the local economic, social, and cultural life?
Super Mario Bros. 35 2020-11-11 4,142 345.1 ... that claims that Super Mario Bros. 35 was a stolen concept from fan game Super Mario Royale were denied by the developer?
Macrolepiota albuminosa 2020-11-03 2,980 248.3 ... that the fungus Macrolepiota albuminosa (example pictured) is always associated with the nests of termites such as Odontotermes obesus?
Odontotermes obesus 1,124 93.6
Total 4,104 342.0
Mats Löfving 2020-11-06 4,050 337.5 ... that a radio interview with Swedish police chief Mats Löfving was described as "a bombshell"?
Heroic Children 2020-11-13 8,093 337.2 ... that knowing only a surname and a continent, author Hanoch Teller tracked down a boy photographed at the liberation of Auschwitz 70 years earlier for the award-winning cover of Heroic Children?
Tom Pope 2020-11-02 4,015 334.6 ... that Tom Pope (pictured) became the second-highest goalscorer in Port Vale's history after twice being rejected by the club as a teenager?
Pilcher Monument 2020-11-01 3,998 333.2 ... that the Pilcher Monument was erected partly to warn people of the dangers of the Sark coast?
240 Central Park South 2020-11-05 3,993 332.8 ... that balconies at 240 Central Park South were designed to give residents a view above Central Park's tree line?
Anna Hájková 2020-11-18 7,956 331.5 ... that Anna Hájková says her research into LGBT people and the Holocaust "shows a more complex, more human, and more real society beyond monsters and saints"?
Columbus Quincentenary 2020-11-27 7,854 327.3 ... that the Columbus Quincentenary was a turning point for how the world remembered Christopher Columbus?
Prusias ad Hypium 2020-11-27 7,716 321.5 ... that the ancient city of Prusias ad Hypium in Asia Minor was visited by the Roman emperors Hadrian, Caracalla, and Elagabalus?
Newton Collins 2020-11-15 7,716 321.5 ... that Newton Collins was enslaved, manumitted, re-enslaved, and emancipated before becoming a successful businessman and landowner?
Carbonaceous sulfur hydride 2020-11-02 3,856 321.4 ... that the synthetic compound carbonaceous sulfur hydride is the world's first room-temperature superconductor?
Siege of Tyre (586–573 BC) 2020-11-24 7,602 316.8 ... that the Book of Ezekiel prophesied Nebuchadnezzar II's Siege of Tyre, which lasted 13 years?
Journey of the Sorcerer 2020-11-17 7,556 314.9 ... that the theme tune to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is actually an Eagles song?
David Bauer (ice hockey) 2020-11-02 3,776 314.7 ... that the shepherd's flock felt that it had been fleeced at Innsbruck?
Georgies 2020-11-14 7,504 312.6 ... that Georgies is known as "the gay Cheers"?
State-of-the-Art Car 2020-11-07 3,718 309.9 ... that the State-of-the-Art Car was designed to run on portions of five different subway systems?
Cumbre Vieja tsunami hazard 2020-11-08 3,715 309.6 ... that the potential of a large landslide and resulting tsunami at Cumbre Vieja volcano attracted considerable attention?
Moriguchi Route 2020-11-18 7,305 304.4 ... that the Moriguchi Route in Osaka has a mini rest area on one of its entrance ramps?
Marla Berkowitz 2020-11-09 3,648 304.0 ... that Marla Berkowitz considers herself a sumain, meaning someone who communicates using their hands?
Vä Church 2020-11-09 3,646 303.9 ... that Vä Church is decorated with some of the oldest church murals in Sweden (example pictured)?
Millie Bailey 2020-11-08 3,601 300.1 ... that World War II veteran Millie Bailey went skydiving to celebrate her 102nd birthday?
Honolulu Courthouse 2020-11-01 3,600 300.0 ... that a group of prisoners building the Honolulu Courthouse overpowered their guards, took possession of gun batteries overlooking Honolulu, and attempted to open fire on nearby buildings?
Kanutus Johannis 2020-11-11 3,595 299.6 ... that Kanutus Johannis's ex libris (pictured) is one of the oldest marks of book ownership from Sweden?
5 Columbus Circle 2020-11-22 7,112 296.3 ... that the architect who was hired to remodel 5 Columbus Circle's lower stories later expressed regret for the renovation?
Church Center for the United Nations 2020-11-15 7,076 294.8 ... that the Chapel at the United Nations is a popular site for interfaith marriage ceremonies?
Vijayalakshmi Ramanan 2020-11-10 3,522 293.5 ... that Vijayalakshmi Ramanan, the first woman officer of the Indian Air Force, custom-tailored her uniform as there were no specific uniforms for women when she joined the force?
24 Japan 2020-11-30 6,987 291.1 ... that a reviewer expressed doubts that the plot of 24 Japan would be accepted by the viewing public since a major terror attack had not occurred in Japan for decades?
Franz Goedecker 2020-11-10 3,442 286.8 ... that a book on Vanity Fair says of Goedecker's "Modern Strategy", a caricature of Moltke (pictured): "... in a glance the viewer can comprehend the essence of the individual, yet recognize the man"?
Post-conflict reception of war criminals 2020-11-30 6,812 283.9 ... that the architect of the Armenian genocide, Talaat Pasha, is buried under a monument (pictured) dedicated to "heroes of the fatherland"?
Schedule F appointment 2020-11-26 6,731 280.5 ... that an estimated tens of thousands of U.S. federal workers could lose due-process job protections by being shifted into Schedule F appointments?
Barringtonia edulis 2020-11-25 5,074 211.4 ... that the Fijian fruit fly feeds on the yum-yum tree?
Bactrocera passiflorae 1,616 67.3
Total 6,690 278.7
Kitty Hunter 2020-11-11 3,336 278.0 ... that "as Pembroke a horseman by most is accounted, 'tis not strange that his Lordship a Hunter has mounted"?
Cymbula sanguinans 2020-11-01 2,764 230.3 ... that the giant pinkray limpet maintains a patch of the encrusting red alga Hildenbrandia rubra on which it feeds, driving off competitors?
Hildenbrandia rubra 538 44.9
Total 3,302 275.2
Alma Vessells John 2020-11-08 3,270 272.5 ... that after working to desegregate nursing in the US, Alma John (pictured) produced the 1970s television show Black Pride, interviewing prominent figures like Rosa Parks and Ella Fitzgerald?
Price's Lost Campaign: The 1864 Invasion of Missouri 2020-11-07 3,260 271.6 ... that Price's Lost Campaign: The 1864 Invasion of Missouri challenged the Lost Cause myth that Confederate soldiers did not engage in total war during Price's Raid?
Battle of Roan's Tan Yard 2020-11-06 3,230 269.2 ... that the Battle of Roan's Tan Yard ended Missouri State Guard recruiting activities in Randolph County?
Intravenous therapy 2020-11-10 3,216[d] 268.0 ... that in the early use of intravenous therapy, attempts were made to inject milk, sugar, honey, and egg yolk into a person's veins?
Al-Ghuraba cemetery 2020-11-09 3,196 266.3 ... that a 2010 study found 1,000 people living in Al-Ghuraba cemetery in Tripoli, Lebanon?
Cem (river) 2020-11-06 3,168 264.0 ... that the Cem river basin (pictured) in the borderlands of Albania and Montenegro is home to more than a quarter of the total plant species identified in each country?
James Nathan Calloway 2020-11-06 3,157 263.1 ... that James Nathan Calloway, born in slavery in Tennessee, established an experimental cotton-growing farm in Togo?
Trimeresurus salazar 2020-11-16 6,312 263.0 ... that a newly discovered species of green pit viper, Trimeresurus salazar, was named after Salazar Slytherin from the Harry Potter series?
The Mellow Pad 2020-11-01 3,086 257.2 ... that American artist Stuart Davis spent six years working on his jazz-inspired painting The Mellow Pad?
Pact of Free Cities 2020-11-09 3,022 251.9 ... that the mayors of Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, and Budapest signed the Pact of Free Cities in December 2019?
Exercise Spring Train 2020-11-08 3,001 250.1 ... that two of the British Type 42 destroyers from the 1982 Exercise Spring Train would be sunk later that year in the Falklands War?
Cadogan Place 2020-11-14 5,999 250.0 ... that a fatberg heavier than an African elephant was removed from a sewer beneath Cadogan Place?
John R. Casani 2020-11-18 5,966 248.6 ... that John R. Casani used to carry the Pioneer 3 and Pioneer 4 spacecraft in a suitcase?
The Thirty-Year Genocide 2020-11-07 2,966 247.1 ... that a 2019 book argues that the Armenian Genocide was part of a larger genocide which targeted all of the Christian minorities in the Ottoman Empire?
Odyssey 2020-11-05 2,940[e] 245.0 ... that the Odyssey has been used as a school text since antiquity?
John F. McCarthy Jr. 2020-11-09 2,917 243.1 ... that John F. McCarthy Jr. headed a group that suggested modifications to the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy that tripled the structural life of the aircraft?
Carpentras Stele 2020-11-07 2,914 242.9 ... that the Carpentras Stele, the first ancient Semitic inscription ever published, was originally thought to be Phoenician but is actually ancient Aramaic?
Bob Hindmarch 2020-11-01 2,883 240.2 ... that Canadian professor Bob Hindmarch donated his own money to feed starving student athletes on the Canada men's national ice hockey team?
Fred Murree 2020-11-21 5,756 239.8 ... that Pawnee professional roller skater Bright Star was called "the fastest man on wheels"?
The Turn of the Screw (Ford Startime) 2020-11-09 2,854 237.8 ... that Ingrid Bergman won Emmy and Sylvania Awards for her world television debut in John Frankenheimer's horror movie The Turn of the Screw?
Suffix automaton 2020-11-22 5,660 235.9 ... that although the suffix automaton, a data structure used in computer science, was introduced in 1983, it appeared in a 1973 scholarly article as an auxiliary structure?
Swiss-type cheeses 2020-11-20 5,544 231.0 ... that the character of Swiss-type cheeses comes from originally being made on high alpage pastures, as part of the historic culture of Alpine transhumance?
Serious Sam Advance 2020-11-26 5,536 230.7 ... that the video game Serious Sam Advance simulates 3D computer graphics on the Game Boy Advance?
HMS Surly (1806) 2020-11-21 5,454 227.2 ... that the Royal Navy cutter HMS Surly carried almost £96,000 in coin between Dublin and London in 1825?
Fort Saskatchewan 2020-11-04 2,714 226.1 ... that in his hurry to get to a fire in Fort Saskatchewan, the town's fire chief was pulled over for speeding and nearly hitting a police officer in Edmonton?
Dilys Price 2020-11-02 2,709 225.8 ... that Dilys Price, the world's oldest female solo parachute jumper, made more than 1,130 solo jumps before selling her parachute at age 86?
Hermann of Schleswig 2020-11-19 5,412 225.5 ... that bishop Hermann of Schleswig was never actually bishop of Schleswig?
Rui Pinto 2020-11-22 5,286 220.2 ... that Rui Pinto uncovered four terabytes of confidential information about association football finances despite having no formal education in computer science?
Saluche 2020-11-24 5,266 219.4 ... that although Saluche was blacklisted by the Unity Labour Party for his political jokes, the ULP prime minister attended his funeral?
Mark Robinson (American politician) 2020-11-22 5,236 218.1 ... that when he is sworn in next year, Mark Robinson will become the first Black lieutenant governor of North Carolina?
Lit Lounge 2020-11-03 2,612 217.6 ... that writer and socialite Cat Marnell once described New York City nightclub Lit Lounge as "like Cheers ... but with PCP and vodka"?
2020 Northern Cypriot presidential election 2020-11-10 2,558 213.1 ... that Mustafa Akıncı, the incumbent President of Northern Cyprus, claimed he was threatened by Turkish authorities in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election?
Khalili Collection of Enamels of the World 2020-11-10 2,550 212.5 ... that the Khalili Collection of Enamels of the World includes a throne table made for the 18th-century Qianlong Emperor?
Stefania Berlinerblau 2020-11-07 2,550 212.5 ... that Ukrainian-born Stefania Berlinerblau was one of the first Jewish women to practice surgery in the United States?
Janowiec and Others v. Russia 2020-11-04 2,546 212.2 ... that four justices dissented in the verdict of the European Court of Human Rights case concerning the Katyn massacre, calling it a denial of justice and a failure of conscience?
Metaphycus helvolus 2020-11-06 2,530 210.9 ... that the tiny parasitic wasp Metaphycus helvolus has helped control a major pest of citrus, Mediterranean black scale, in California and Australia?
Minbar of the Ibrahimi Mosque 2020-11-06 2,530 210.8 ... that the minbar of the Ibrahimi Mosque in the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron was originally made for a Fatimid shrine in Ashkelon?
Nyasha Junior 2020-11-12 5,036 209.9 ... that the scholarship of Nyasha Junior on the life of Moses has been described as a starting point for how he can be viewed as a subject of feminist inquiry?
Sheila Atim 2020-11-01 2,508 209.0 ... that The Times said that Sheila Atim "sings Dylan better than Bob"?
Richard Bonython 2020-11-26 4,952 206.4 ... that the 17th-century Maine magistrate Richard Bonython tried his own son?
Raissa Calza 2020-11-04 2,455 204.6 ... that actress and dancer Raissa Gourevitch performed in surrealist plays before becoming an archaeological authority on Roman statuary?
1979 Salvadoran coup d'état 2020-11-02 2,455 204.6 ... that the 1979 Salvadoran coup d'état overthrew President Carlos Humberto Romero?
Robert Sam Anson 2020-11-14 4,854 202.3 ... that journalist Robert Sam Anson, assigned to cover boxer Joe Frazier, instead got into the ring with him and suffered a broken leg or dislocated shoulder as a result?
Gulmarg Golf Club 2020-11-08 2,424 202.0 ... that the Gulmarg Golf Club in Kashmir, situated at an altitude of 2,650 metres (8,690 ft) above sea level, is the highest green golf course in the world?
Judah Leib Ben-Ze'ev 2020-11-28 4,820 200.8 ... that Judah Leib Ben-Ze'ev composed the earliest known Hebrew erotic poems of the modern era?
Edward G. Faile 2020-11-06 2,384 198.6 ... that Edward G. Faile raised prize-winning cattle in what is now The Bronx?
Otto Reich 2020-11-05 2,372 197.7 ... that as a lobbyist for Bacardi, Otto Reich, a former U.S. ambassador to Venezuela, played a role in passing legislation that stripped trademark protection from Havana Club rum?
J. Michael Lane 2020-11-10 2,346 195.5 ... that epidemiologist J. Michael Lane, who played a leading role in the global eradication of smallpox, trekked across the United States from Atlanta to Seattle at the age of 79?
Black-cowled oriole 2020-11-23 4,592 191.3 ... that the black-cowled oriole (example pictured) hangs its woven nest under a large Heliconia, palm, or banana leaf?
Michelle Smith (fashion) 2020-11-18 4,570 190.4 ... that American fashion designer Michelle Smith created the dress chosen for Michelle Obama’s official portrait?
Uchiura Bay 2020-11-24 4,549 189.5 ... that in Ainu mythology, it is believed that a gigantic octopus god lives in Uchiura Bay?
Cryptognatha nodiceps 2020-11-28 2,154 89.8 ... that the lady beetle Cryptognatha nodiceps helps control coconut scales and coconut whiteflies?
Aspidiotus destructor 1,460 60.8
Aleurodicus cocois 842 35.1
Total 4,456 185.7
Necrologium Lundense 2020-11-17 4,446 185.3 ... that one of the inhabited initials of the 12th-century Necrologium Lundense illuminated manuscript shows influences from Viking art?
Ann Bedsole 2020-11-05 2,213 184.4 ... that Ann Bedsole, the first woman to be elected to the Alabama Senate, printed a timetable for the state's hunting season on the back of her re-election campaign flyers?
Ōfune Site 2020-11-12 4,406 183.6 ... that a fire destroyed 70,000 Jōmon period artifacts found at the Ōfune Site?
Danièle Aron-Rosa 2020-11-04 2,202 183.5 ... that the French painter Genskof is a pioneer in laser eye surgery?
Real (band) 2020-11-19 4,398 183.2 ... that the Japanese rock band Real spells its name with the Cyrillic letter Я to indicate a desire to show the band's "real inside and outside"?
I Hate Running Backwards 2020-11-14 4,396 183.2 ... that the video game I Hate Running Backwards was named after a quote from the Serious Sam series?
Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise 2020-11-27 4,364 181.9 ... that years before their Neon Genesis Evangelion series became famous, Gainax's first anime, Royal Space Force, was marketed in Japan by staging a Hollywood premiere?
The Moon and Sixpence (TV movie) 2020-11-10 2,176 181.4 ... that Laurence Olivier won an Emmy for his role as a London stockbroker, Parisian artist, and Tahitian leper in The Moon and Sixpence?
Stangl Pottery 2020-11-20 4,332 180.5 ... that Fulper Pottery produced a precursor to the modern water cooler named the Germ-Proof Filter?
Isabelle Li 2020-11-21 4,328 180.3 ... that table-tennis player Isabelle Li received a standing ovation despite losing the final at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics?
Grady Fuson 2020-11-19 4,314 179.7 ... that Moneyball depicted Grady Fuson being fired by the Oakland Athletics, though in reality he left voluntarily?
Ty Majeski 2020-11-12 4,292 178.9 ... that after qualifying on the pole at a late-model stock car race, Ty Majeski chose to start at the rear for a chance to win more money—and won the race?
Leo Petrović 2020-11-05 2,142 178.5 ... that Leo Petrović, a historian and head of the Herzegovinian Franciscans, was murdered by the Yugoslav Partisans as part of their campaign against the Franciscans?
KVZK-TV 2020-11-10 2,142 178.5 ... that the establishment of KVZK-TV led to the electrification of many villages in American Samoa?
Joel Molina Ramírez 2020-11-11 2,130 177.5 ... that four days after participating in a 12-hour-long legislative session, Joel Molina Ramírez became the first Mexican senator to die of COVID-19?
Judith Sweet 2020-11-17 4,258 177.4 ... that former NCAA president Judith Sweet chose to pursue a career in physical education following a blind date?
Drishti (film) 2020-11-25 4,250 177.1 ... that the 1990 Hindi film Drishti, which follows the story of a married couple who divorce and later meet again, has been praised for its "harsh look at monogamy"?
David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet 2020-11-03 2,116 176.3 ... that the 2020 film A Life on Our Planet is David Attenborough's self-described "witness statement" on how human activity has affected the environment?
John B. Stetson Jr. 2020-11-24 4,185 174.4 ... that American diplomat John B. Stetson Jr. gave a book bound in human skin to Harvard's Houghton Library?
Patricia Haynes Smith 2020-11-09 2,072 172.6 ... that state representative Patricia Haynes Smith worked with a gay rights group to decriminalize sodomy in Louisiana?
Floodland (album) 2020-11-16 4,114 171.4 ... that though it received mixed reviews at its release in 1987, Floodland by the Sisters of Mercy is now considered an essential gothic rock album?
Bowdoin station 2020-11-04 1,984 165.3 ... that the entrance to Bowdoin station was designed by Josep Lluís Sert as part of a project for a never-built chapel?
Bups Saggu 2020-11-01 1,982 165.2 ... that Bups Saggu learned to play the tabla at the local gurdwara in Wolverhampton, but later moved on to playing the dhol because he "took a liking to the larger and louder sound"?
Rejoice (Margaret Thatcher) 2020-11-07 1,956 163.0 ... that Ted Heath stated "rejoice, rejoice" at the 1990 resignation of Margaret Thatcher, echoing words she had used after the 1982 recapture of South Georgia?
Ethel Maynard 2020-11-03 1,952 162.7 ... that Ethel Maynard was the first black woman elected to the Arizona State Legislature?
2007 World Cup of Pool 2020-11-04 1,932 161.0 ... that the USA team at the 2007 World Cup of Pool wore orange shirts after both home-nation Dutch teams had been eliminated?
John Teeling 2020-11-16 3,827 159.5 ... that serial entrepreneur John Teeling broke the monopoly in Irish whiskey held by Irish Distillers by launching Cooley Distillery?
Marguerite Littman 2020-11-28 3,790 157.9 ... that in 1997, Princess Diana donated her entire wardrobe to a charity auction organized by AIDS activist Marguerite Littman, which raised more than $3 million?
Fatima al-Suqutriyya 2020-11-11 1,895 157.9 ... that Yemeni poet Fatima al-Suqutriyya saved the island of Socotra by writing a qasida to Imam al-Ṣalt ibn Mа̄lik requesting military help?
Children's Crusade (Britten) 2020-11-22 3,743 156.0 ... that Benjamin Britten (pictured) composed Children's Crusade, with text by Bertolt Brecht, as a piece to be performed by children about a group of children in wartime Poland?
Lee Hyo-jae 2020-11-29 3,725 155.2 ... that social activist Lee Hyo-jae's efforts helped abolish South Korea's patriarchal naming system, allowing people to use both parents' surnames?
Exeter Cathedral School 2020-11-01 1,860 155.0 ... that Exeter Cathedral School has been educating choristers since the year 1179?
The South's Finest 2020-11-21 3,720 155.0 ... that one reviewer of the book The South's Finest called it "chronically and annoyingly" melodramatic?
Macht weit die Pforten in der Welt 2020-11-29 3,683 153.5 ... that "Macht weit die Pforten in der Welt", written for the Basel Mission, was included with a new melody in Kirchenlied to proclaim Christ the King in opposition to the Nazi regime?
Hurry Up, We're Dreaming (ballet) 2020-11-16 3,662 152.6 ... that the ballet Hurry Up, We're Dreaming is performed in sneakers?
Adalet Cimcoz 2020-11-06 1,798 149.8 ... that Turkish voice actress Adalet Cimcoz opened and curated her country's first and only woman-owned private art gallery?
Zygiella x-notata 2020-11-05 1,780 148.3 ... that a male spider of the species Zygiella x-notata uses vibrational courtship signals when entering a female's web to alert her of his presence as a potential mate, rather than potential prey?
Manuel Komnenos (son of Andronikos I) 2020-11-28 3,458 144.1 ... that although he was the eldest son of Byzantine emperor Andronikos I Komnenos, Manuel Komnenos was not named as heir, as he opposed his father's policies?
Charles/MGH station 2020-11-09 1,670 139.2 ... that Blue and Red are proposed to meet at Boston's Charles/MGH station?
Vaxholm Church 2020-11-29 3,318 138.3 ... that the old baptismal font of the Vaxholm Church became a bird bath?
Ita Maximowna 2020-11-03 1,616 134.7 ... that Ita Maximowna, who trained as a painter in Paris and Berlin in the 1920s, began working in scenic and costume design after World War II and went on to work internationally?
Hidden Lake (Alaska) 2020-11-26 3,224 134.3 ... that firefighters were able to save the campground at Alaska's Hidden Lake from the 2019 Swan Lake Fire by creating a back burn with driptorches?
Sanders–Trump voters 2020-11-23 3,203 133.5 ... that an estimated 12 percent of those who voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential primaries voted for Donald Trump in the general election?
Jaan Puhvel 2020-11-05 1,552 129.4 ... that Estonian linguist Jaan Puhvel has worked for more than half a century on his multi-volume Hittite Etymological Dictionary?
Swimming in the Dark 2020-11-23 3,104 129.3 ... that Giovanni's Room both influenced and appears in the 2020 novel Swimming in the Dark, a gay love story set in the last years of the Polish People's Republic?
James Biggart 2020-11-07 1,541 128.4 ... that James Biggart's election to the Legislative Council of Trinidad and Tobago was viewed by Tobagonian planters as lowering their social standing, because it meant that they were represented by a person of African descent?
Levels (Avicii song) 2020-11-15 3,019 125.8 ... that "Levels" samples the intro from the Etta James song "Something's Got a Hold on Me"?
Trochodendron postnastae 2020-11-07 846 70.5 ... that the extinct wheel-tree leaf species T. postnastae and fruit species T. rosayi are possibly from the same plant?
Trochodendron rosayi 663 55.2
Total 1,509 125.8
Riley & Cowley 2020-11-01 1,498 124.8 ... that in 1902, the Brooklyn marine engine manufacturers Riley & Cowley built a steam car?
Birger Nerman 2020-11-10 1,498 124.8 ... that the Swedish archaeologist Birger Nerman excavated a Scandinavian settlement at Grobiņa, Latvia, which predates the Viking Age?
A-2 (Michigan county highway) 2020-11-05 1,496 124.7 ... that with the designation of County Highway A-2 in 1970, Mrs. Howard "Gene" Temple became the first Michigan woman to acquire a highway designation from the State Highway Commission?
Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope 2020-11-22 2,956 123.1 ... that the development of the video game Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope was affected by two developers suffering injuries during a football match?
Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court nomination 2020-11-06 1,460[f] 121.7 ... that the date of Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination – September 26, 2020 – was the nearest to a presidential election in U.S. history?
2001 Football League First Division play-off Final 2020-11-05 1,458 121.5 ... that Michael Jackson's manager expected him to return from an injury and perform in the 2001 Football League First Division play-off Final?
Marianne Ignace 2020-11-23 2,908 121.1 ... that German native Marianne Ignace is helping to preserve indigenous languages in British Columbia?
Wojciech Sadurski 2020-11-07 1,444 120.3 ... that hundreds of academics signed a letter opposing the "coordinated harassment campaign by the Polish ruling party" against law professor Wojciech Sadurski?
Waiting for a Train (Jimmie Rodgers song) 2020-11-02 1,432 119.3 ... that the recording of "Waiting for a Train" introduced Jimmie Rodgers's trademark train whistle?
Over the Hill (1931 film) 2020-11-02 1,430 119.2 ... that for her sound-film debut in 1931, silent-screen star Mae Marsh begged the director to tell her what to say before each scene?
San Baw 2020-11-04 1,407 117.2 ... that San Baw, chief orthopaedic surgeon of Mandalay General Hospital, pioneered the use of ivory prostheses to replace ununited fractures of the femoral neck?
So nimm denn meine Hände 2020-11-02 1,405 117.1 ... that "So nimm denn meine Hände" by Julie Hausmann, first printed in 1862, placed seventh in a 2019 survey of favourite funeral music in Germany, immediately behind "My Way"?
Introduction to Solid State Physics 2020-11-30 2,747 114.5 ... that, by choosing the content included in his classic 1953 introductory textbook on the subject, Charles Kittel helped define the field of solid-state physics?
Dieter Ruehle 2020-11-08 1,370 114.2 ... that Dieter Ruehle, stadium organist for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Kings, has played for three championship teams in three different sports?
Clerodendrum quadriloculare 2020-11-15 2,722 113.4 ... that although the bronze-leaved clerodendrum is an ornamental garden shrub, it sometimes becomes naturalised and may become an invasive species?
Paula Bataona Renyaan 2020-11-04 1,358 113.2 ... that Paula Bataona Renyaan was the first woman to become a vice governor and the third woman to become a police general in Indonesia?
Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety 2020-11-01 1,356 113.0 ... that a global advisory committee has been monitoring rapidly developing COVID-19 vaccines against a background of growing misinformation and vaccine hesitancy?
Pragya Prasun 2020-11-29 2,676 111.5 ... that a foundation set up by Pragya Prasun has supported more than 250 survivors of acid attacks?
Budots 2020-11-09 1,328 110.7 ... that a playlist of budots music features excerpts from speeches of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte?
Diadegma semiclausum 2020-11-18 2,644 110.2 ... that the parasitic wasp Diadegma semiclausum can help to control the diamondback moth, a pest that has become resistant to many insecticides?
Hallucinate (song) 2020-11-06 1,317 109.8 ... that Dua Lipa created the music video for her 2020 song "Hallucinate" with teams working in London, Paris, and Los Angeles?
Act II: The Patents of Nobility (The Turn) 2020-11-28 2,618 109.1 ... that 13 years after it was initially announced, Jay Electronica released his album Act II: The Patents of Nobility (The Turn) because it had leaked online?
Charlotte Taylor (cricketer) 2020-11-01 1,296 108.0 ... that cricketer Charlotte Taylor was the top wicket-taker in the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy, despite not being initially picked in the squads for the tournament?
Sailor's Luck 2020-11-22 2,561 106.7 ... that Victor Jory's first major screen role as a lecherous landlord in the 1933 film Sailor's Luck was praised as "deliciously slimy" and "insanely funny"?
Chris Lines 2020-11-26 2,536 105.7 ... that Chris Lines has won five promotions during his professional football career?
Malcolm Todd 2020-11-07 1,256 104.7 ... that Malcolm Todd uncovered a previously unrecognised Roman occupation at the Iron Age hillfort in Hembury?
Delaware County Institute of Science 2020-11-17 2,510 104.6 ... that a rare microscope designed by Joseph Zentmayer is on display at the Delaware County Institute of Science?
Anna May Wong on film and television 2020-11-21 2,506 104.4 ... that Anna May Wong had the starring role in Daughter of the Dragon (poster pictured), but was paid half as much as the non-Asian actor who played her father?
Daisy Yen Wu 2020-11-19 2,495 104.0 ... that Daisy Yen Wu helped establish the new field of nutrition research at Peking Union Medical College?
Bryson Rash 2020-11-30 2,480 103.3 ... that White House correspondent Bryson Rash started in radio at the age of 12 by voicing Buster Brown?
Maipina de la Barra 2020-11-17 2,432 101.4 ... that the unusual given name of Chilean travel writer Maipina de la Barra commemorates the Battle of Maipú, in which her father fought?
WCHI (1490 AM) 2020-11-03 1,198 99.8 ... that the Federal Radio Commission revoked the license of Chicago radio station WCHI in 1931 for attacking medical procedures such as surgical operations and vaccinations?
Saadet İkesus Altan 2020-11-08 1,196 99.7 ... that Saadet İkesus Altan studied music in Berlin, performed as a mezzo-soprano in Germany, and became the first female vocal coach and opera director in Turkey after her return home in 1941?
Georges Dumézil 2020-11-02 1,186 98.9 ... that the French philologist Georges Dumézil is credited with saving the Ubykh language from extinction?
Badhshala 2020-11-05 1,186 98.8 ... that the 2013 Nepali historical drama Badhshala was briefly banned by the Nepali Army because the actors wore military uniforms without permission?
Kirsten Boie 2020-11-20 2,351 98.0 ... that German children's author Kirsten Boie has published more than 100 books?
Harold Jarman 2020-11-10 1,148 95.7 ... that Harold Jarman scored in the first match ever played in the Football League Cup?
Carole Dawn Reinhart 2020-11-20 2,284 95.2 ... that before Carole Dawn Reinhart was appointed professor of trumpet at the Vienna Music Academy, she performed in several of Al Hirt's Fanfare shows in 1965?
The Runaway (ballet) 2020-11-10 1,136 94.6 ... that the ballet The Runaway is partly inspired by hip-hop dance but performed in pointe shoes?
Joseph Stephen Paduano 2020-11-11 1,134 94.5 ... that Joseph Paduano, the minority floor leader in the Philippine congress, began his political career in the military wing of the Revolutionary Workers' Party under a nom de guerre?
Mihoko Fujimura 2020-11-27 2,261 94.2 ... that the Japanese mezzo-soprano Mihoko Fujimura, who appeared as Fricka at the Bayreuth Festival in 2002, toured Mahler's Resurrection Symphony with the CBSO conducted by Andris Nelsons?
Edgar C. Polomé 2020-11-08 1,122 93.5 ... that Edgar C. Polomé established Africa's most advanced phonetics laboratory at the University of Lubumbashi?
A History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity 2020-11-14 2,150 89.6 ... that as part of a famous priority dispute, E. T. Whittaker's 1953 book claimed that Henri Poincaré and Hendrik Lorentz developed the theory of special relativity before Albert Einstein?
Year of the Rabbit (ballet) 2020-11-06 1,069 89.1 ... that musician Sufjan Stevens, who initially disliked ballet, allowed his music to be used in Year of the Rabbit after choreographer Justin Peck invited him to various performances?
Tláhuac metro station 2020-11-01 1,062 88.5 ... that the second birth in a Mexico City Metro station in 2020 occurred at Tláhuac?
Rhythm of Love (Kylie Minogue album) 2020-11-13 2,065 86.0 ... that Kylie Minogue was credited as co-writer for the first time on her third studio album Rhythm of Love?
Leda Valladares 2020-11-26 2,051 85.5 ... that Leda Valladares produced a "Musical Map of Argentina" to document her country's folk music traditions?
Kommt ein Vogel geflogen 2020-11-10 1,024 85.4 ... that the melody of the children's song "Kommt ein Vogel geflogen" ("Comes a Bird Flown") was used by Siegfried Ochs for variations in the styles of different classical composers?
Hokersar 2020-11-27 2,018 84.1 ... that the Hokersar wetland is the largest bird reserve in the Kashmir Valley?
Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni 2020-11-13 1,994 83.1 ... that Arkansas poet laureate Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni had her poems published in more than 900 U.S. and international publications?
1901 FA Cup Final 2020-11-08 987 82.2 ... that in a speech after the 1901 FA Cup Final, General Sir Redvers Buller compared football to the Army by saying that the winning side is usually the one best practised at shooting?
Kwangchul Youn 2020-11-30 1,967 82.0 ... that Kwangchul Youn, a bass from South Korea, appeared as Gurnemanz in Parsifal at the Bayreuth Festival, as Mephisto at the Vienna State Opera, and as King Marke at the Metropolitan Opera?
Shankar's Weekly 2020-11-02 970 80.8 ... that Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru launched Shankar's Weekly, even though its founder described the magazine as "fundamentally anti-establishment"?
Busiri Suryowinoto 2020-11-15 1,937 80.7 ... that Busiri Suryowinoto was the first governor to propose splitting the province of Papua?
Alba Roballo 2020-11-10 960 80.0 ... that four-term Uruguayan senator Alba Roballo was also an award-winning poet with a rebellious spirit?
Marion Hartog 2020-11-12 1,918 79.9 ... that Marion Hartog founded the first Jewish women's periodical in 1855?
National Sports Awards 2020-11-30 920 38.3 ... that the annual Indian sports awards ceremony at the Presidential Palace includes awards for adventure, for the top-performing university, and for sports promotion?
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Trophy 590 24.6
Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar 388 16.2
Total 1,898 79.1
José Antonio Álvarez Lima 2020-11-21 1,862 77.6 ... that after 28 years away from public media, José Antonio Álvarez Lima was tapped in 2019 to head the Mexican television channel Canal Once?
Herr, wir bringen in Brot und Wein 2020-11-21 1,834 76.4 ... that only the refrain of "Herr, wir bringen in Brot und Wein", a 1970 offertory hymn written after Huub Oosterhuis, appeared in the first edition of Gotteslob, but the complete text in the second?
Illinois Public Access Opinion 16-006 2020-11-05 916 76.4 ... that in Public Access Opinion 16-006, the Illinois Attorney General ordered Chicago police officers to release their private emails about the police-involved murder of Laquan McDonald?
Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary 2020-11-22 1,798 74.9 ... that the Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary acts as a natural corridor in the movement of the Himalayan brown bear and markhor between Poonch and the Kashmir Valley forests?
Winfred P. Lehmann 2020-11-08 892 74.3 ... that linguistics professor and environmentalist Winfred P. Lehmann donated 160 acres (65 ha) of land in Travis County, Texas, to The Nature Conservancy?
Edgar Claxton 2020-11-20 1,780 74.1 ... that Edgar Claxton helped set up electrification of the UK mainline railway in the 1960s, and was awarded an MBE?
Gott Vater, sei gepriesen 2020-11-06 873 72.8 ... that "All Praise and Glad Thanksgiving" is sung to the hymn tune of "Gott Vater, sei gepriesen"?
California Sunrise 2020-11-11 871 72.6 ... that Jon Pardi had each song on California Sunrise recorded with a full band to create the feel of a live recording and carry the "traditional country soul"?
Faustas Latėnas 2020-11-16 1,730 72.1 ... that Faustas Latėnas, vice-minister of Lithuania's Ministry of Culture, composed incidental music, film scores, and a string quartet subtitled "In loving memory"?
Herbert Payne 2020-11-03 849 70.8 ... that voter turnout increased by 32 percentage points following the passage of Herbert Payne's bill to introduce compulsory voting in Australian federal elections?
Cleveland Indigenous activism 2020-11-19 1,662 69.3 ... that Cleveland Indigenous activist Sundance successfully petitioned Oberlin High School in Ohio to change its school mascot from the Indians to the Phoenix in 2007?
The Cellist 2020-11-12 1,621 67.5 ... that in The Cellist, a ballet about cellist Jacqueline du Pré, the cello is personified by a male dancer?
For the beauty of the earth (Rutter) 2020-11-26 1,598 66.6 ... that in For the beauty of the earth, a 1978 anthem for choir and orchestra, John Rutter gave a 19th-century hymn text a new melody, marking it to be sung "Happily"?
Francis Neale 2020-11-23 1,592 66.4 ... that despite opposing the establishment of Georgetown College, Francis Neale later became its president?
Der nayer veg 2020-11-17 1,583 66.0 ... that the 1906–1907 weekly Der nayer veg (The New Path) contained some of the earliest critical scholarly writings on Yiddish language and literature?
Club Future Nostalgia 2020-11-09 778 64.8 ... that Dua Lipa and The Blessed Madonna's remix album Club Future Nostalgia was crafted in two months during lockdown protocols associated with the COVID-19 pandemic?
Die Prinzessin Girnara 2020-11-05 776 64.7 ... that the opera Die Prinzessin Girnara, by composer Wellesz and librettist Wassermann, and based on a legend from India, premiered simultaneously at two opera houses in 1921?
Agnes Stavenhagen 2020-11-05 776 64.7 ... that Agnes Stavenhagen was the soprano soloist in the first performance of Mahler's Second Symphony in Munich, conducted by the composer?
List of Arjuna Award recipients (2010–2019) 2020-11-02 768 64.0 ... that Manoj Kumar and Raj Kumar had to win cases at the Delhi High Court to be awarded the Arjuna Award sporting honour in the 2010s?
John Djopari 2020-11-09 765 63.8 ... that John Djopari's book about the Free Papua Movement was banned by the Indonesian government, even though the book incorporates material from the Indonesian Army?
Denise Wescott 2020-11-27 1,518 63.2 ... that National Lacrosse Hall of Fame member Denise Wescott also coached the Germany women's national lacrosse team?
UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh 2020-11-07 754 62.8 ... that the world's first simultaneous heart-and-liver organ transplant was performed in 1984 at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh?
Janice Harayda 2020-11-14 1,493 62.2 ... that author and book reviewer Janice Harayda started an all-woman church service in New York City in 1974?
Callaway Arts & Entertainment 2020-11-08 746 62.1 ... that the company responsible for the Miss Spider children's series also produced Sex by Madonna?
Folker Bohnet 2020-11-04 744 62.0 ... that Folker Bohnet, who acted in Bernhard Wicki's 1959 film Die Brücke while still studying, toured for 13 years with a comedy play that he co-authored?
Dámasa Cabezón 2020-11-14 1,417 59.0 ... that Dámasa Cabezón was contracted by the Bolivian government to establish a school for girls in La Paz after having done so in Santiago de Chile?
1900 FA Cup Final 2020-11-03 700 58.3 ... that Bury F.C. converted its debts of £1,230 into a credit balance of £1,329 by winning the 1900 FA Cup Final?
In Creases 2020-11-24 1,392 58.0 ... that the costumes of the ballet In Creases are modified from old leotards from another ballet and unused unitards?
Brave (Joyryde album) 2020-11-11 682 56.8 ... that Joyryde finished three songs for his album Brave while recovering from lower back surgery?
K. W. Gransden 2020-11-02 671 55.9 ... that K. W. Gransden, despite publishing only two poetry collections, was included by Philip Larkin in The Oxford Book of Twentieth Century English Verse?
W. Coleman Nevils 2020-11-06 668 55.6 ... that several Collegiate Gothic buildings were constructed during W. Coleman Nevils's presidency of Georgetown University as part of his revival of the "Greater Georgetown" plan?
List of Arjuna Award recipients (1990–1999) 2020-11-04 666 55.5 ... that cricketer Sachin Tendulkar (depicted) was recognised by his native India with both a top sporting honour and its highest civilian honour?
Corybantic Games 2020-11-08 658 54.8 ... that the ballet Corybantic Games marked the first time Erdem Moralıoğlu had designed costumes for men?
Maddalena Mariani Masi 2020-11-24 1,291 53.8 ... that Maddalena Mariani Masi performed the title role of Ponchielli's La Gioconda in the 1876 world premiere at La Scala?
Christian Flor 2020-11-09 610 50.8 ... that Christian Flor, described in a 1740 encyclopedia as a famous organist from Lüneburg, composed settings of Bible verses for collections, and one of the earliest Passion oratorios?
Weekly Epidemiological Record 2020-11-08 610 50.8 ... that the World Health Organization's Weekly Epidemiological Record reports on neglected tropical diseases?
Overa-Aru Wildlife Sanctuary 2020-11-29 1,199 50.0 ... that the Overa-Aru Wildlife Sanctuary lies within the distributional range of the critically endangered Kashmir stag?
HPV Prevention and Control Board 2020-11-08 570 47.5 ... that an HPV prevention group focuses on preventing cervical cancer by promoting the sharing of information on cervical screening and HPV vaccination?
Clinical trials in India 2020-11-11 566 47.2 ... that clinical trials in India must have government-regulated ethics committees oversee their research?
Variations for Cello Solo 2020-11-07 540 45.0 ... that Variations for Cello Solo, premiered by the composer Graham Waterhouse in Vienna in 2020, depicts characteristics of the members of his family?
None but One 2020-11-18 1,067 44.5 ... that Jean Ritchie formed her own record label "out of self-defense" following distribution problems with None but One?
Gudrun Schröfel 2020-11-09 532 44.3 ... that Gudrun Schröfel, the longtime choral conductor of the Mädchenchor Hannover and a professor at the Musikhochschule Hannover, received the Lower Saxony State Prize in 2015?
Martin Egel 2020-11-01 522 43.5 ... that Martin Egel appeared at the Bayreuth Festival from 1975 to 1986, including a three-year run as Donner in the Jahrhundertring?
Dayahang Rai filmography 2020-11-07 453 37.8 ... that the film roles of Nepali actor Dayahang Rai include a crime boss, a Maoist, the suspected killer of a popular communist leader, a police officer, and a bank robber?
Pierre Bleuse 2020-11-25 738 30.8 ... that Pierre Bleuse, who learned conducting after a career as a violinist, was chosen by composer Michael Jarrell to lead his opera Cassandre, starring Fanny Ardant?
Fanfare (ballet) 2020-11-23 698 29.1 ... that Jerome Robbins was commissioned by the New York City Ballet to choreograph the ballet Fanfare in celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II?


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