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WP:TRIAGE redirects here. This is a good place to start if you are new to Wikipedia. For an interactive version in Beta, visit User:Timtempleton/TRIAGE1.

  1. Are you here to look up information about a subject, contact Wikipedia, or to edit an article/add new information to the encyclopedia?
    1. Look up information - please visit Wikipedia:Reference desk
    2. To contact Wikipedia, visit Wikipedia:Contact us
    3. Edit/add information - please continue
  2. Have you registered for an account yet?
    1. Yes - please continue
    2. No - please reconsider and see why you should register for an account: Wikipedia:Why create an account?
  3. Would you like to read a series of tutorials about editing Wikipedia?
    1. Yes - please visit Help:Introduction
    2. No - please continue
  4. Would you like to read a quick summary of the Wikipedia editing environment?
    1. Yes - please visit Help:Introduction to navigating Wikipedia/1
    2. No - please continue
  5. Do you want to edit a specific subject or just help with general edits?
    1. Specific subject - please continue
    2. General edits - please visit the "help out" section at Wikipedia:Community portal
  6. If you want to edit a specific subject, do you have a conflict of interest?
    1. Yes or don't know - visit Wikipedia:Conflict of interest
    2. No - please continue
  7. Do you want to edit an existing article, or create a new one?
    1. Existing article - please go to the article and continue
    2. New article - please visit WP:YFA, and for biographies of living people also visit WP:BLP, then jump to the 10. New article section below
  8. Is the edit controversial?
    1. Yes or don't know - please check the edit and talk page history to ensure the edit hasn't been discussed already
    2. No - please check the edit and talk page history just to be safe, but happy editing
  9. Are you stuck and need help? - please jump to 11. Stuck section below.
  10. New article - Are you stuck, or is your draft ready to submit?
    1. Stuck - please go to 11. Stuck section below
    2. Your draft is ready. You can submit it. It will be accepted, declined or rejected. Here's what that means:
      1. Accepted - congratulations! Go to "Now What?" section below
      2. Declined - read the feedback and ask for help at Wikipedia:WikiProject Articles for creation/Help desk
      3. Rejected - the article is not appropriate for Wikipedia and will not be considered further
  11. Stuck - is your editing question general or technical?
    1. General - new editors should please visit the Wikipedia:Teahouse or Wikipedia:Help desk
    2. Technical - for technical questions, please visit the Wikipedia:Village pump (technical) for more technical questions
  12. Now what?
    1. Do you need to add an image? Please see Wikipedia:Image use policy
    2. Are you seeing vandalism? Please visit Wikipedia:Vandalism for more information.
    3. Do you need help logging in? Please see Help:Logging in.
    4. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please visit the Help Desk.