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PH Games is a tabletop game publisher in India, largely famous for the Revolution game series. It is also well known for other games, such as the Space Travels series, On the Run series, Devastation series and the Legend series, and for making tabletop games on sports such as Cricket and Football.

Apart from the unconventional games mentioned above, PH also publishes traditional Role Playing Games, such as Mountain Dweller or The Lost Legacy.

PH Games is the largest tabletop game publisher in India, and has so far developed games on three gameplay engine platforms:

PH Games enjoyed a virtual monopoly, ruling the roost for nearly three years, until finally in 2006, Destruction Games emerged and snatched a huge chunk of the market share. Since then, PH has been constantly on its toes, trying to reclaim its erstwhile credibility and monopoly.

PH Games Gameplay Engines

The HG game engine was PH's first gameplay engine. It was characterised by the fact that it incorporated traditional, turn based, storytelling style gameplay, depending a lot on the game of luck, such as tossing a coin, or throwing the dice. This system also saw some of the greatest titles PH Games is known for, including:

The HG system's lifespan was two years, from mid-2003 to mid-2005.

The HG II game engine was PH's second game engine, and it incorporated some unconventional elements into tabletop gaming, such as non turn based gameplay, reaction time, real time storytelling and use of the environment (this was heavily publicised by PH as the Envir On Gameplay System).

The HG II was also the period which saw the least amount of games coming from PH, and this negligence on their part paved the path to the rise of Destruction Games.

Some popular games from PH using the HG II gameplay system were:

    • On the Run II
    • Revolution: Vengeance
    • Devastation IV: The Moonwalker
    • Word Cricket 2005
    • The Lost Legacy
    • Lawscaper: The Chase Begins
    • Lawscaper II
    • Enthorn
    • Revolution: Cataclysm

Destruction Games also released several games using the HG II system (because they were unable to develop a gameplay system of their own). Some of the popular ones are:

    • Crime
    • Crime II
    • Crime III
    • Crime Revisited
    • Revolution: Annihilation
    • The Magical Stones

HG II had a liespan of two years from mid-2005 to mid-2007.

B3YOND was PH's third gameplay engine, introduced in May 2007. It expanded on the unconventional gameplay elements of HG II, and introduced several new ones, such as Reflex Time and Two World Mechanic.

As of October 2007, these are the popular games released using the B3YOND system:

Apart from the games mentioned above, the following are expected to release soon:

    • The Lost Legacy II (working title)
    • The Prince of Darkness II (working title)
    • Revolution: Legend
    • The Dark Force
    • Revolution: Apocalypse
    • World Racers Championship 2008
    • Enthorn II
    • Space Travels IV

As of October 2007, PH is the largest tabletop publisher in India, with 50.93% marketshare.

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