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Bot Task Status Description Activity
Task 1  Approved. Recategorising/removing pages in categories listed at Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Working.     -Inactive
Task 2  Approved. Replace {{coord missing|Côte d'Ivoire}} with {{coord missing|Ivory Coast}}.     -Inactive
Task 3  Approved. Create target categories for renamings listed at Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Working and handles the renamed category.     -Inactive
Task 4  Approved. Dual upmerge of categories listed at Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Working/Manual#Multiple merge targets.     -Inactive
Task 5 Withdrawn by operator. Implement Wikipedia:Categories for discussion decisions by modifying template parameters on pages.     -Inactive
Task 6  Approved. De-tagging of categories listed at WP:CFDWR and adding {{old cfd}} to the talk page (if necessary)     -Inactive