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Category:Wikipedia files on Wikimedia Commons

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To put images and media files now available on Commons in this category:

  1. Use {{Now Commons}} if the filename on the Commons is the same one as the filename here, which will put the image in Category:Wikipedia files with the same name on Wikimedia Commons.
  2. Use {{Now Commons|File:Filename.png}} if the file on the Commons uses a different filename, which will put the image in Category:Wikipedia files with a different name on Wikimedia Commons.
  3. Always include the original source. For license tags like {{PD-USGov}}, Wikipedia cannot be the source. While it may be helpful to note that it was transferred from the English Wikipedia, the true source is the important part. For files originally appearing on Wikipedia (i.e. created by the uploader) please always include the original upload date, username, filename, and any non-trivial edit history. Keep in mind a link by itself is useless for most people since the local copy most likely will be deleted. Sometimes this is legally required (like by the GFDL) but it should be done regardless of its copyright status so others can verify the info. Commons policy requires *all* files to have sources (excluding work too trivial for copyright, but not work that's PD for any other reason).

Note to admins[edit]

Deletion of these images is regulated by CSD F8.

Before deletion[edit]

If you plan to clean out the Now Commons entries remember to check if:

  1. The entry on Commons actually exists
  2. The entry has proper source and copyright information on the Commons page (note that bot uploads often mangled information; please correct any errors when this happens). Use the file upload history tool to regenerate the license text, if necessary.
  3. The file names are the same (if not, remember to replace/redirect all file links).
  4. The file was properly uploaded (preserving GFDL required history of revisions) if moved to Commons instead of being uploaded independently.

Files not to delete[edit]

  • Wikimedia Commons's policies only allow files that are in the public domain in the U.S. and the source country, which usually happens 70 years after the death of the author (or 70 years after publication if author is unknown). Files that don't meet this requirement will be deleted from Commons, and should thus remain on English Wikipedia. For example, this includes German photos from World War I and paintings made by artists who died less than 70 years ago (such as Pablo Picasso). Some countries may assign new rights to photographs or scans of two-dimensional public domain work, however as long as the copy (vs. derivative) is not original enough to qualify for copyright protection in the U.S., then it is allowed (using PD-Art).
  • Files for which a fair use claim is made. If the claim is correct the image should not be deleted (and the image should not be on Commons).
  • Files with more than one creator if the differences of the versions are significant.
  • Files with uncertain or disputed source and/or license.
  • Files that are currently protected from editing, especially those currently appearing on the Main Page.

Post deletion[edit]

Restore the {{Featured picture}} tags and interwiki links if any (by editing the image page on en and not Commons).


  • FileImporter – that exports to Commons start to finish for individual files
  • Move-to-Commons assistant – Tool that exports to Commons start to finish for individual images
  • File upload history – Tool that generates upload history information for manually copy to the Commons description
  • Old version mover – Tool to copy old versions of a file to Commons in order to comply with WP:CSD#F8: All image revisions that meet the first condition have been transferred to Commons as revisions of the Commons copy and properly marked as such.

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