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Bohill Forest

Coordinates: 54°20′50″N 5°50′40″W / 54.347135°N 5.8444185°W / 54.347135; -5.8444185
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Bohill Forest
Setting Sun at Bohill Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Bohill Forest
Map showing the location of Bohill Forest
Location of Bohill Forest
LocationDown, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Coordinates54°20′50″N 5°50′40″W / 54.347135°N 5.8444185°W / 54.347135; -5.8444185
Area38.96 hectares (96.3 acres)
Governing bodyForest Service Northern Ireland

Bohill Forest is a small coniferous forest located near Drumaness, Northern Ireland. It is managed by the Forest Service Northern Ireland.[1]


The Bohill Forest Nature Reserve was set up to protect the holly blue butterfly

Bohill Forest Nature Reserve is a small area within the forest where trees had previously been felled and the land was allowed to naturally regrow. This woodland consists of holly, oak, rowan, birch, hazel and oak trees. Patches that are still clear of tree cover contain bracken, bilberry and heather. The habitat is ideal for the previously rare holly blue butterfly, which the nature reserve was set up to protect. Other fauna in the woodland includes the speckled wood butterfly, red deer, goldcrests, jays, chiffchaffs and blackcaps.[2][3]


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